artsnb Arts Scholarships 🎓

artsnb‘s he Arts Scholarships Program is designed to recognize and encourage New Brunswick students who have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent and potential, and who are pursuing a career in the arts.

This program awards scholarships for full-time, part-time or short-term studies. (more…)

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship 🎓

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship was established by the Foundation’s Board of Directors after Ms. Mackay’s death to honour her life-time commitment to the encouragement of excellence in the visual arts.

Sheila Hugh Mackay logo

Applicants must be have been residents of New Brunswick at least 5 consecutive years prior to an application

Applicants must have made an application to study visual art at a recognized degree granting institution in either studio based or academic field of study at a masters or doctoral level.

Proof of acceptance for the program of study will be required before funds are distributed.

The 2023 Application Submission Deadline is March 1, 2023.

Full details are here.

Fred Ross Scholarship 🎓

The Fred Ross Scholarship, valued at $8000, is available to a graduating New Brunswick student entering post secondary studies in visual art or fine craft at a recognized institution.

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This is a 4 year renewable scholarship. An initial payment of $2000 will be awarded on entrance to a recognized institution. It will be renewed annually based on demonstration of successful completion of established university standards in first, second third years of study.

The scholarship was created in 2001 to support young artists in the pursuit of excellence. Named for renowned Saint John painter, Fred Ross, this scholarship pays tribute to his remarkable professional career and to his life-long commitment to fostering young artists.

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation’s continued work in developing this scholarship is a mark of respect for both Mr. Ross and the burgeoning talents of New Brunswick youth.

To be eligible for the Fred Ross Scholarship, the applicant must:

  • be in a final year of study at a New Brunswick High School
  • be pursuing post secondary education in visual arts or fine craft
  • gain acceptance at a recognized educational institution 2023

Submission deadline is March 1, 2023.

Full details are here.

Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund Artist Support Scholarship 👩🏼‍🏫

September 1, 2022
$1000 Cash Award
A cash subsidy for struggling New Brunswick artists in any creative discipline (emerging, mid-career, or seasoned). Open to students.
Jane Leblanc Legacy Fund Logo
Eligible costs: Rent, Art supplies, Food, Gas, Equipment, Online program subscriptions, Bills.
Submission Guidelines

Artist bio.

Samples of work.

Letter describing why financial assistance is needed.

‍Email submissions to: catmaryleblanc@gmail.com

Details here.

Imago Bursary 🎓

Imago is focused on promoting and supporting young artists. Since 1996, Imago offers an annual bursary to a candidate who has earned their Bachelors in Visual Arts from Mount Allison University or l’Université de Moncton within the past five (5) years.
A gallery piece. Umbrellas suspended from the ceiling, a spilled cone with orange liquid on the floor, and round swatches of colour on the wall. Blurred image of woman walking through it.

Documentation de l’exposition de la Bourse Imago 2011, travaux de Jessica Arseneau.

This grant includes a one-year membership, $500 in materials and a chance to hone their technical skills and develop their practice in New Brunswick. At the end of the project, the recipient holds a show at the Galerie Sans Nom and receive a CARFAC artist fee. This solo show takes place in fall of the following year. The applicant must:
  • have obtained a visual arts bachelor’s degree from either Université de Moncton or Mount Allison University in the past five (5) years preceding their application;
  • present a portfolio with mostly works in printmaking;
  • be able to work autonomously in the studio;
  • be able to work in the studio at a regular pace during the full year corresponding to the bursary.
The Grant includes:
  • One year membership at Imago (value of $350)
  • 10 hours of technician help and studio orientation;
  • a minimum of three (3) meetings with a consulting comity formed of professional artists;
  • a budget of $500 to spend on printing materials;
  • a solo exhibit in the following year which includes a CARFAC artist fee.
Your submission must include:
  • An artist resumé and bio that includes details about your experience in printmaking (max. 2 pages);
  • Artist statement (max. 1 page);
  • a letter of intent or a project description that includes what techniques you wish to work with in the studio;
  • 8 to 10 digital images of recent works in printmaking with a detailed list describing each image (title, medium, size and year created);
  • a referral letter (optional).
Applications must be sent in a single PDF document (no WeTransfer with an expiry date) sent to direction@atelierimago.com before June 1 2022. Submissions will be reviewed by a jury of professional artists and the results will be communicated by email before July 1 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the jury.


The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is now accepting applications for our Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for 2020!!  Charlotte Glencross was instrumental in the creation of The Charlotte Street Arts Centre; which is why she is the namesake of this award as well as our in-house gallery.  Charlotte was an inspiration to her community not only through her work as a fine artisan but as an activist for social justice.

The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship is now a $2000 scholarship offered every other year to an artist who is progressing in their professional development through classes, workshops, school or another professional endeavour. DEADLINE is DECEMBER 7th, 2020.


The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts is an award that is determined on a competitive basis, and may be awarded to a candidate who:

– Has demonstrated exceptional potential and talent as an artist; and
– Intends to study arts at a recognized institution or with a recognized private instructor for the purpose of pursuing a career as a professional artist of arts professional. The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship is now in the amount of $2,000. One prize every other year may be awarded.

All art forms are eligible. Only New Brunswick residents are eligible to apply. A resident is defined as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has resided in New Brunswick for at least one year immediately preceding the application deadline of DECEMBER 7th, 2020.

Submissions can be sent to director@charlottestreetarts.ca 


  1. CV (three pages maximum) – please include awards, honours, recognition;
  2. Artist statement (300 words maximum) – please include your artistic interests and goals;
  3. Copy of enrolment confirmation letter from the institution or instructor;
  4. Samples of work (may include coursework or artwork created outside of art courses) preferably within the past two years.
    • ▪  Visual Art/Craft – 5-10 jpeg images in numbered order submitted via flash drive , or Google Drive link. Include an image list pdf document with title, media, dimension, year, etc. Maximum 1 MB per image.
    • ▪  Music – Demo link (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, Google Drive etc) of 1-3 songs, not exceeding a total of 10 minutes. Include name of composer and music sheets if possible.
    • ▪  Dance/Theatre –Link (Youtube, Vimeo, Google drive, etc) of a maximum 10-minute performance or solo. Playwrights must submit a maximum 25-page text.
    • ▪  Literary Arts – applicant must submit a maximum of 25 pages.
    • ▪  Film/Video – Link (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) to a maximum 10-minute production. Scriptwriter must submit a maximum 25-page text.

The AGAVF List for Friday, November 13, 2020

The AGAVF List

The Association of Francophone Visual Arts Groups ( AGAVF ) presents the events of its members, namely fifteen artist-run centers and galleries across Canada, and compiles calls for submissions in visual arts, media arts, performance, public art, residencies aimed at artists and curators.


Programming of AGAVF members

Visual Voice Artist Center (Ottawa)

J. Aird-Bélanger, A. Asselin, R. Aubin, M. Barti, J. Bertrand, B. Bogart, C. Boucher, Csaba, R. Chevalier, C. Cooper, L. Daigle, C. Dallaire, M. Des Aulniers, A. Dworzak-Subocz, L. Finet, P. Franzini, C. Gendron, D. Gérin, V. Goddard, O. Golub, F. Ikonomidou, R. Kempen, I. Kobayashi, D. Krasi, D Lamontagne, M. Le Bohec, D. Leclerc, M. Manu, M. Marquez, E. Montenegro, J. Muscat, A. Paquin, M. Périat, O. Petca, Y. Porlier, H. Pouillon, R. Robesco, N. Ross, S. Rossen, S. Swinimer, V. Tytor, G. Vallée, JM Van Hees, P. Walty – Artificial intelligence
in November 2020
67 Beechwood Avenue Vanier, Ontario


Imago Printmaking Workshop (Moncton)

Carole Deveau and Patrick Mcfarlane – Hekas Hekas…
from 12 to 20 November 2020
140 Botsford Street , Ground Floor Aberdeen Cultural Center
Moncton, New Brunswick


House of French – speaking visual artists (Saint-Boniface)

Janine-Annette Littmann – The duration / The Line as Time
from October 8 to November 21, 2020
101-219, boulevard Provencher
Saint-Boniface, Manitoba


Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen Art Gallery (Moncton)

Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc – Habitat
Curator: Jonathan Lamy
Presented as part of the Media Arts Section
of the International Festival of Francophone Cinema in Acadia
from November 2020 to January 2021
University of Moncton
Moncton, New Brunswick


Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton)

White box residences:

Séamus Gallagher
from 3 to 18 November 2020

Mathieu Boucher Côté
from 19 to 26 November 2020
140 Botsford Street, Room 16
Moncton, New Brunswick



Blue constellation-Galerie Bernard-Jean (Caraquet)

Danielle Saulnier and Serge V. Richard – Osmosis and Intimate Magic
from November 4, 2020 to January 10, 2021
220, boul. Saint-Pierre West
Caraquet, New Brunswick


Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center (Winnipeg)


Jen Funk, Xavier Mutshipayi, Stéphane Oystryk, Reza Rezaï and Eric Plamondon – The other
from October 8 to November 28, 2020
340, boulevard Provencher
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Le Labo (Toronto)

To be a woman artist in 2020. “The game of 2 questions”
with Lise Beaudry , Maria Legault , Martine Côté and Quitterie Hervouet

Chronicles of Quarantine with Jean-Christophe Foolchand






Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury)

talk on Monday November 16 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Claude Wittmann – Wheels / politics / panic
Exhibition since February 2020
54 Elgin Street
Sudbury, Ontario




More details.




link twitter Facebook




Calls for submissions


1.Calls in French from Canada


La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse – Montreal – December 6
Culture Trois-Rivières – February 1
The Video Tape – Quebec – December 6
Dazibao – Montreal – December 1


2.Calls in English from Canada


COVER ME – Records, Cassettes & Artists – Vancouver – from November 21
Monitor 14 – SAVAC – Toronto – November 20
BIPOC Artist Instagram Project – ongoing
AKA Artist-run Center – Saskatoon – ongoing
Southern Alberta Art Gallery – Lethbridge – ongoing


3.international calls


European Media Art Festival – December 31
Video Art Academy 2021 – Clermond-Ferrand – December 21




Studio Residency Program – Brookly – December 18
Videographer – 50th anniversary – November 15
Kasahara Gabriola Trust Artist Residency – Gabriola Island – November 16
Acts of Care – Public art residency – Calgary – November 28
Engramme – Quebec – November 16



5.public art

LGBTQ2 + National Monument – National Capital Region – January 5
Regal Road Bridge Enhancement – Burlington – November 13
O-Train Public Art Program – November 30
Global Affairs Canada’s Commemorative Artwork – National Capital Region – December 16

6.for commissioners


M HKA / Van Abbemuseum Research Fellowship – December 6
(no) borders issue – easteast.world – November 20
Assistant professor in creative technologies – York University – January 15
General management – Rimouski Regional Museum – November 22
Curatorial residence – Le Lobe – December 11
Images Festival 2021 – Guest Program – no fixed deadline
East of your empires – Quebec – ongoing
Esse – File (Re) see the painting – January 10, 2021
Revue de Paris – call for contributors – ongoing
Esse art + opinion – September 1



details on agavf.ca

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