The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is now accepting applications for our Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for 2020!!  Charlotte Glencross was instrumental in the creation of The Charlotte Street Arts Centre; which is why she is the namesake of this award as well as our in-house gallery.  Charlotte was an inspiration to her community not only through her work as a fine artisan but as an activist for social justice.

The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship is now a $2000 scholarship offered every other year to an artist who is progressing in their professional development through classes, workshops, school or another professional endeavour. DEADLINE is DECEMBER 7th, 2020.


The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts is an award that is determined on a competitive basis, and may be awarded to a candidate who:

– Has demonstrated exceptional potential and talent as an artist; and
– Intends to study arts at a recognized institution or with a recognized private instructor for the purpose of pursuing a career as a professional artist of arts professional. The Charlotte Glencross Scholarship is now in the amount of $2,000. One prize every other year may be awarded.

All art forms are eligible. Only New Brunswick residents are eligible to apply. A resident is defined as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has resided in New Brunswick for at least one year immediately preceding the application deadline of DECEMBER 7th, 2020.

Submissions can be sent to director@charlottestreetarts.ca 


  1. CV (three pages maximum) – please include awards, honours, recognition;
  2. Artist statement (300 words maximum) – please include your artistic interests and goals;
  3. Copy of enrolment confirmation letter from the institution or instructor;
  4. Samples of work (may include coursework or artwork created outside of art courses) preferably within the past two years.
    • ▪  Visual Art/Craft – 5-10 jpeg images in numbered order submitted via flash drive , or Google Drive link. Include an image list pdf document with title, media, dimension, year, etc. Maximum 1 MB per image.
    • ▪  Music – Demo link (Soundcloud, Youtube, Bandcamp, Google Drive etc) of 1-3 songs, not exceeding a total of 10 minutes. Include name of composer and music sheets if possible.
    • ▪  Dance/Theatre –Link (Youtube, Vimeo, Google drive, etc) of a maximum 10-minute performance or solo. Playwrights must submit a maximum 25-page text.
    • ▪  Literary Arts – applicant must submit a maximum of 25 pages.
    • ▪  Film/Video – Link (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) to a maximum 10-minute production. Scriptwriter must submit a maximum 25-page text.