Digital Connections is an exciting new project led by ArtsLink NB, made possible through funding from the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund. This project brings together arts organizations of varying sizes and disciplines from across New Brunswick to collectively strengthen the arts across the province by:

  • Enhancing collaboration across the arts in New Brunswick through digital means;
  • Identifying gaps and needs to increase digital knowledge and capacity;
  • Helping equip artists and arts organizations with the necessary resources and training to use digital platforms to their maximum benefit; and,
  • Demonstrating digital pathways for connecting with arts audiences.

If you are an arts organization interested in joining or connecting further on this project, contact ArtsLink NB at julie@artslinknb.com.

Digital Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations

As part of this project, digital resources will be regularly compiled and shared here:

  1. Digital Transformation in the Arts Webinar: https://www.nordicity.com/news/digital-strategy-webinar
  2. Discoverablity 101 webinar: https://thefoundrynb.com/courses/discoverability-101/