Critical writing is essential to a vibrant arts ecosystem. It is a way to celebrate and uplift the arts that is powerful because it brings new ideas and connections into consciousness. It is a bridge between disciplines that helps to build understanding of a wider context.

This opportunity is open to writers at absolutely all career stages and levels of experience. Read on for more information about how to pitch your idea.

ArtsLink NB Is Seeking Pitches That Respond to the Following Three Prompts:

Prompt One: Yesterday 

What is our lineage and how did we get here? 

We invite pitches for new writing about under-researched New Brunswick artists. We encourage writers interested in using intergenerational kinship, memory and archival material (or the lack thereof) as seeds from which to grow ideas and understanding around the work of an artist, collective, organization or project in New Brunswick. 

By revisiting historic artists and practices that have quietly shaped the provincial arts ecology we honour excluded, underrepresented or under-researched artists, while building a deeper understanding of both their work and our contemporary context. 

Prompt Two: Today

Who and where are we, at this moment, right now?

We invite pitches for writing on New Brunswick artists and practices, of all disciplines, who are active and working today. 

Writing can include, but is not limited to: thoughtfully crafted interviews, exhibition reviews, essays, career profiles, comparative or thematic studies, materially-focussed explorations, or any other form of writing that helps to contextualize the creative processes of artists rooted in, or with deep connection to, New Brunswick.

Prompt Three: Tomorrow

Where are we going and who do we want to become?

We invite pitches for arts writing that breaks down borders of time and space, and uses imagination and divergent thought to trace connections between artists in New Brunswick and broader dialogues. 

We are especially keen on texts that point to a future through, or informed by, the arts and culture of this region. Writing can be speculative, imaginative, poetic or more traditional criticism. We celebrate brave, forward-thinking ideas that are generative for the future; and which contextualize New Brunswick artists within national and international conversations, connecting them to diverse disciplines, movements, trends, and practices beyond the geographic borders of the Atlantic region.

About the Project Process and Outcome:

Pitches will be reviewed by a jury and selected texts will be published in 2025 in an anthology of arts writing centered on the NB provincial arts ecosystem, past, present and future. There will be a limited print-run along with a freely accessible online archive of the project.

This is a paid opportunity for writers that includes professional editing as part of the structure of support. 

While the project is centered on critical arts writing, our definition is exceptionally broad and stylistically open, with one exception: an artist cannot write about their own work.   

With all of this in mind, please review our pitch guidelines below and pitch us the piece you want to write!

Info Session

We will offer an online info session on July 24th from 6-7pm. Register by selecting the button below and filling out the form. Also register if you would like to receive a copy of the recording afterward.

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule:

  • Up to 500 words: $250
  • Over 500 words: $500
  • Between 1600-2000: $1000

Pitch Guidelines:

Send us a couple paragraphs (200 words max) outlining the key idea for your pitch–please do not send a complete text! If your pitch answers the following questions and drums up interest in your idea, you’re on the right track.

  1. WHAT: What are you proposing to write about?
    •  (Outline who/what is the focus of your writing)
  2. HOW: How will you write about your subject?
    • (a brief explanation of the type of written work, estimated length, style and/or tone)
  3. WHY: Why this, why now, why you?
    • (this is where you drum up interest and enthusiasm – it is the persuasive core of the pitch. Otherwise, it’s just a description of an imagined writing project)

Why is this important? Who are you and why are you the person to write it? Why must it be written now?

Additionally, you are encouraged to send a sample of writing (a file of no more than 2 pages) along with up to 5 links or images related to your pitch, if it helps add context to your ideas and subject matter. Please be sure to include an image list or rationale for these supporting elements.

Deadline: 11:59pm, Thursday, August 8th

Please send pitches via email titled “pitch: root words” to amy@artslinknb.com, and feel free to reach out with any questions, requirements of additional support or to access accommodations.

Important dates:

24 July, 6-7pm: online info session
8 August, 11:59pm: pitches due
25 October, 11:59pm: draft of text due