Imago is focused on promoting and supporting young artists. Since 1996, Imago offers an annual bursary to a candidate who has earned their Bachelors in Visual Arts from Mount Allison University or l’Université de Moncton within the past five (5) years.
A gallery piece. Umbrellas suspended from the ceiling, a spilled cone with orange liquid on the floor, and round swatches of colour on the wall. Blurred image of woman walking through it.

Documentation de l’exposition de la Bourse Imago 2011, travaux de Jessica Arseneau.

This grant includes a one-year membership, $500 in materials and a chance to hone their technical skills and develop their practice in New Brunswick. At the end of the project, the recipient holds a show at the Galerie Sans Nom and receive a CARFAC artist fee. This solo show takes place in fall of the following year. The applicant must:
  • have obtained a visual arts bachelor’s degree from either Université de Moncton or Mount Allison University in the past five (5) years preceding their application;
  • present a portfolio with mostly works in printmaking;
  • be able to work autonomously in the studio;
  • be able to work in the studio at a regular pace during the full year corresponding to the bursary.
The Grant includes:
  • One year membership at Imago (value of $350)
  • 10 hours of technician help and studio orientation;
  • a minimum of three (3) meetings with a consulting comity formed of professional artists;
  • a budget of $500 to spend on printing materials;
  • a solo exhibit in the following year which includes a CARFAC artist fee.
Your submission must include:
  • An artist resumé and bio that includes details about your experience in printmaking (max. 2 pages);
  • Artist statement (max. 1 page);
  • a letter of intent or a project description that includes what techniques you wish to work with in the studio;
  • 8 to 10 digital images of recent works in printmaking with a detailed list describing each image (title, medium, size and year created);
  • a referral letter (optional).
Applications must be sent in a single PDF document (no WeTransfer with an expiry date) sent to direction@atelierimago.com before June 1 2022. Submissions will be reviewed by a jury of professional artists and the results will be communicated by email before July 1 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the jury.