Kristen Bishop Chosen for 2020 Nel Oudemans Award

Since 2002, the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation has offered an award for an emerging artist in the fields of fine craft and design.  It continues to be a mark of distinction for New Brunswick artisans.  The 2020 recipient of the Nel Oudemans Award is Kristen Bishop.  Based on the recommendation of an independent jury, Ms. Bishop will receive the $2,000 award in recognition of her accomplishments in the early stages of her career.

Kristen Bishop’s artistic practice has been marked by the honing of traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as an exploratory spirit.  She is noted as an artist who pushes boundaries to explore the creative possibilities. Bishop has earned the respect of her peers, building a body of work that has been featured in juried and invitational group exhibitions.  She is an active member of the New Brunswick arts community, poised to excel in a professional career.

The Board of Directors acknowledges the support of jurors Cathy Ross, Sarah Brinkhurst and Theresa Macknight in the 2020 jury process.


J’explore, je crée: Creative Online Resources

Contemporary art mediation, such as education and outreach, are an important part of the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen’s activities. Over a number of years, these have expanded and taken on various forms, often conceived specifically for a group and in conjunction with the gallery’s artistic programming. Alisa Arsenault, mediation coordinator, actively develops specific projects that contribute to a wide range of individuals being able to engage with exhibitions, while also responding to requests from community groups and schools.

The online resource centre, J’explore, je crée, was created to offer free tools that are developed from the contemporary art mediation programming. These bilingual online resources present aspects of contemporary art and can be used to organize creative activities for oneself or a group. These resources can be found at: www.umoncton.ca/jecree

Contemporary art mediation activities are supported by a Cultural Grant from the City of Moncton. The Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Province of New Brunswick.


Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen

La médiation en art contemporain est un volet d’activité importante à la Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen. Depuis quelques années, celle-ci prend de l’expansion et se manifeste par une variété plus grande d’initiatives, souvent conçues sur mesure pour un groupe particulier et en conjonction avec la programmation artistique. Alisa Arsenault, responsable de la médiation, développe des projets spécifiques afin de faire participer un éventail d’individus aux expositions, mais répond aussi aux demandes de la communauté et du milieu scolaire.

C’est ainsi que la GALRC lance le projet J’explore, je crée! afin de fournir gratuitement des ressources en ligne qui sont développées à partir de programmes de médiation. Ces ressources bilingues feront découvrir des aspects de l’art contemporain et permettront d’organiser pour soi ou en groupe des activités de création. Le point de chute des ressources diverses se trouve au www.umoncton.ca/jecree.

La programmation d’activités de médiation est soutenue en particulier par une Subvention culturelle de la Ville de Moncton. La Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen est aussi appuyée par le Conseil des arts du Canada et la Province du Nouveau-Brunswick.


Launch of project Isolated//Together

Date: September 28, 2020, 11AM

Location: Atlantic Ballet Studio, 68 Highfield Street, Moncton NB

Led by Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada in collaboration with Harrison Burton of Brainworks Creative, ISOLATED//TOGETHER is a multidisciplinary project documenting the COVID-19 experience In New Brunswick through dance, film, music, spoken word, photography and visual arts. Partners include the Beaverbrook Gallery and 14 visual artists from across the province, Theatre New Brunswick, photographer Denis Duquette, composer/musician Elephant Skeletons and 14 dancers from Atlantic Ballet, Connection Dance Works (Saint John) and Solo Chicken Productions (Fredericton) as well as Wolastoq performance artist Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom.

Join public officials, artists and representatives from each organization to hear details and have a sneak peak behind the scenes.

From Atlantic Ballet: The creative imagination of Artistic Director Igor Dobrovolskiy will be creating 9 of the 14 dance solos for the dancers of Atlantic Ballet. In collaboration with other choreographers and dancers from Connection Dance Works, Solo Chicken Productions and Possesom Paul, Atlantic Ballet, along with videographer Harrison Burton and with a soundscape created by St-John multi-instrumentalist Clifford J. Doucette aka Elephant Skeleton, will be joining forces at the Capitol to create a unique visual experience for the audience to watch in the future.

From the Beaverbrook Art Gallery: Masks will be part of our culture for the foreseeable future. In this new project, we invited artists to submit designs for a wearable facemask that commemorates the masks we are wearing and their related social constraints, as we navigate the challenges of a pandemic. Fourteen artists were chosen to create masks using any medium that will be exhibited in a virtual showcase, three gallery exhibitions, and will be worn by dancers for post pandemic performances.

Visual artists who created masks from across the province

Vicky Lentz

Brigitte Clavette

Katrina Slade

Emma Hassencahl-Perley

Kyana Kingbird

Luc Charette

Trish Hirschkorn

Jennifer Adam

Sheryl Crowley

Alevtina Sharapova

Amanda Trizna

Jasmine Cull

Ralph Simpson

Alisa Arseneault

From TNB: We will gather the stories of New Brunswickers in isolation and staying at home about how isolation makes them feel via Zoom or Skype. This could be good or bad experiences. These stories will represent our entire community and include stories of newcomers in their own language. We will work through the Multi-cultural associations across NB to gather names. Stories will be gathered and curated into audio that can be sorted by language. The audio can be overlaid and listened to while watching the dance films or simply stand alone as the stories of New Brunswickers during the pandemic.


From Brainworks: Living in this historic period of time, we’re able to relate to these performers and what they’re going through. Our ultimate goal is to one day revisit these locations when they’re bustling with life so the dancers can perform again.  We want to take the public on a journey throughout New Brunswick while you experience isolation through dance.

Atlantic Ballet Atlantic Canada

One of Canada’s most exciting ballet companies, and based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada tours nationally and internationally. Stunning visual impact and a deep emotional connection with its audiences have made this Company popular with audiences around the world. More information is available at www.atlanticballet.ca.



Susan Chalmers-Gauvin, O.N.B.

Co-Founder and CEO

Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada

68 rue Highfield St. Moncton, N.B. CANADA

Tel / tél : (506) 383-5951 x 104

Email: susan@atlanticballet.ca

Louis-Philippe Dionne

Operations Manager/ Responsable des opérations

Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada

(506)383-5951 Ext.102


Increased Maximums for Creation and Documentation Grants

The New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb) is pleased to announce a permanent increase to the maximum amounts for grants in both the Creation and Documentation programs, effective for the upcoming October deadline.

  • Creation Category A has gone from $15,000 to $16,500
  • Creation Category B has gone from $10,000 to $11,000
  • Creation Category C has gone from $5,000 to $5,500
  • Documentation has gone from $7,000 to $8,500

The board and staff of artsnb wish to thank the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture for their collaboration in helping secure the large increase in grant funding through the Arts Development Trust Fund for the benefit of the professional artists of New Brunswick.

Upcoming Deadlines

artsnb would also like to remind artists that the deadline to apply for an Arts Infrastructure grant is August 4, 2020, and the deadline to apply in the Equinox program for Indigenous artists is September 15, 2020.

For more information, to see the full press release, and to look into applying for these grants, click here.

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