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NEW program: Creative Consults! Apply today.

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  • October 5, 2020

Visual Arts Nova Scotia is excited to announce a new program starting in November called Creative Consults!

Want to share your expertise with artists as a consultant? Apply today!

This new program will function as a service directory for VANS members to book consultations with member specialists in various fields. The consultation services will be catered to the professional development of the Artists’ needs. The directory on the VANS website provides members with exclusive access to consultant services tailored to meet their needs.

If you are a VANS member and would like to become a consultant in our program, please fill out the application form no later than October 18th.

To apply, please use either the Google form OR fill out the PDF form and send it to freya@visualarts.ns.ca

Please contact the Creative Consults Program Coordinator Freya Poirier for more information or questions at freya@visualarts.ns.ca

Apply Now – Google Form
Apply Now – PDF Form


Creative Consults is an online program for VANS members to access artist-informed expertise. Members will have access to a directory of consultant profiles and book directly with a creative expert that suits their needs. Each member consultant will have a profile on our website, making their services available to members, and set their hourly rates for each service.

Recommended rates are between $40 and $100 per hour.


Once the expert has applied, a jury will choose the consultants based on the expertise they offer to artists and meet the eligibility criteria. This program is a VANS member-to-member benefit. The VANS membership is required to activate the consultants’ profile in the Creative Consults directory. There is no fee to participate beyond the VANS membership. Not a VANS member? You can become one here.

Consultant profile
Once the application is approved and the VANS membership status is confirmed, The consultant’s profile will appear on the Creative Consults page through the VANS website. Each profile will include a photo, short bio, list of consulting areas and the hourly rate for each type of consult they offer. We ask consultants to have clear service rates provided for members’ inquiries.

Booking requests
A member will search through the profiles to find a consultant that suits their needs. The consultant will receive a booking request from a VANS member via email and ensure they have the skills the member is seeking and are available. The consultant will follow up with the booking request within a week of receiving it. They will then independently coordinate a date and time with the member for the consultation within 3 months of the request.

Before the meeting
The consultant will email an invoice to the member stating the member’s consult needs, the consultation type, amount of hours booked, the total amount owed, payment instructions, date and meeting place confirmed (virtual meetings are encouraged at this time).

Once the meeting is confirmed, the member will send the payment directly to the consultant. It is advised that the consultant asks for the payment 2-3 days before their meeting. It is the consultant’s responsibility to collect their remuneration from the member.

After the meeting
The consultant will send VANS and the member a receipt to confirm the consultation’s completion. The member will receive a survey to provide feedback on their experience.


(Could include but not limited to)


Grant Writing

Exhibition Proposals

Residency Applications

Public Art RFPs

Financial Management





Graphic Design

Website Development









Brand Identity



Project Management

Gathered Blooms and Fredericton Summer Residencies

As our familiar landscapes give way to warm yellows, browns, and reds, the exhibitions Gathered Blooms and Fredericton Summer Residencies remember the lush, vibrant colours of summer. Alongside these shows,
A Fredericton Collection honours a collector’s vision and a love of art.
All works are available to view online, and they are on display to view in person until Saturday, October 31, 2020.
Mingle outside with the artists and tour the gallery in limited numbers from 4-7 pm on Thursday, October 8, as part of the Queen Street Mini Gallery Hop in coordination with Gallery on Queen and the CreatedHere Studio.
Face masks are required.
Gathered Blooms
Flowers and gardens have long inspired artists; countless paintings, poems, and music pieces sing the praises of nature’s colourful, beautiful, and perfumed plants.
(While it isn’t winter yet, the following poem by Lucy Maud
Montgomery illustrates that feeling of longing of summer blooms while they nestle in over the colder months.)
Frosty-white and cold it lies
Underneath the fretful skies;
Snowflakes flutter where the red
Banners of the poppies spread,
And the drifts are wide and deep
Where the lilies fell asleep.
But the sunsets o’er it throw
Flame-like splendor, lucent glow,
And the moonshine makes it gleam
Like a wonderland of dream,
And the sharp winds all the day
Pipe and whistle shrilly gay.
Safe beneath the snowdrifts lie
Rainbow buds of by-and-by;
In the long, sweet days of spring
Music of bluebells shall ring,
And its faintly golden cup
Many a primrose will hold up.
Though the winds are keen and chill
Roses’ hearts are beating still,
And the garden tranquilly
Dreams of happy hours to be­
In the summer days of blue
All its dreamings will come true.
-Lucy Maud Montgomery, The Garden in Winter
A Fredericton Collection
A look into a person’s personal collection is an intimate, powerful experience. To witness the works that someone has carefully tended over years, much like a garden, is a special experience; each piece, an investment in itself, was chosen for a specific reason, be it a story behind the work, a shared relationship with the artist, or that inexplicable spark of emotion upon first glance.
It is also quite special to come across older works from artists one is familiar with, and see their progressions.
We are honoured to display the works of one gentleman’s collection, who is a good client and friend of the gallery, and to have them available for purchase once again, so that others may continue to enjoy them.
Fredericton Summer Residencies
This past summer, a group of artists participated in the City of Fredericton’s Summer Residencies at Odell Park and the Fredericton Botanic Garden. Their mediums range from visual arts, to music, textile, fine craft, and literature, and it is glorious to see what they’ve created.
While it was a different residency experience due to COVID-19, these artists were still able to have close, genuine contact with the park’s and garden’s trees, resident flowers and plants, fauna, and the atmosphere of the area.
The featured artists are: Jacqueline Bourque, Renata Britez, Cat Candow, Jasmine Cull, Sasha French, Darcy Hunter, Emily Kennedy, Karen LeBlanc,
Riel Nason, Tracey O’Brien, Sarah Sarty, Caroline Simpson, Ralph Simpson, and Kirsten Stackhouse.
New Work
New to the gallery is a delightful new paper sculpture of a caribou by France Pillière, exquisite coastal landscapes by Matthew Collins, and dreamy cityscapes by R.F.M. McInnis.
Click on the images or individual artist names to see more!
Support Small!
There are plenty of ways to support small businesses, such as:
1 – Telling friends & family
2 – Following on social media
3 – Engaging with their posts
4 – Giving them a shoutout
5 – Signing up for their newsletter
6 – Leaving a positive review on Google!
Upcoming Exhibitions at Gallery 78
November 6 – 28, 2020
WILD & DOMESTIC – Anna Syperek and Michael McEwing
Lee Horus Clark and Yolande Clark
NEW WORK – William Forrestall
Introducing Jared Betts
December 4 – 23, 2020
NUTCRACKER – A Group Exhibition
Try our interest-free payment plans!
1 – Choose your favourite piece
2 – Let us know how long you’d like to pay (interest-free up to 12 months, and alternate terms can be arranged)
3 – That’s it! Set up automatic e-transfers or let us process your monthly credit card payments
An artwork may be purchased outright at $2,000 for example, or:
$333.33/mo. (plus tax) for 6 months
$166.67/mo. (plus tax) for 12 months
Ask us for alternate terms!
Notable Mentions
Congratulations to Kristen Bishop for being chosen to receive the 2020 Nel Oudemans Award, which goes to an emerging artist in the fields of fine craft and design. It continues to be a mark of distinction for New Brunswick artisans. Go Kristen!
Congratulations to Matt Cripps for being selected as a regional winner for the BMO 1st Art! virtual exhibition – read about it here!
The opening for the exhibition, Space, Place, Home, will be on Thursday, Oct. 8 from 5-8 pm at the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen at the Université de Moncton, with some of the artists and the curators presenting at every hour at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30. Click here for more information! The exhibition is on display until Oct. 18, 2020.

Pauline Young Wabanaki/People of the Dawn

Wabanaki/People of the Dawn is the first in a new series of commissioned flags created for the Owens Art Gallery’s exterior flagpole. Designed by artist Pauline Young, the flag features two figures in a birchbark canoe paddling from sunrise to sunset and represents the territory of Mi’kma’ki as a living relationship between land and sea. In the artist’s words, “Land and sea, from sunrise to sunset, it is all Mi’kma’ki.”

Pauline Young is a respected Mi’kmaq visual artist from Metepenagiag First Nation. In her work, she draws inspiration from the natural environment and the legacy of her father, Philip Young, a renowned artist who exposed her to art at a very young age. Employing a variety of media, including painting, drawing, and stained-glass, her artistic practice carries forward both family and cultural traditions of storytelling and image-making.

Installed on the roof of the Owens Art Gallery, which is located in a nineteenth-century, beaux-arts building, Wabanaki/People of the Dawn is an important assertion of Mi’kmaq sovereignty. Every year, the Owens will commission a Mi’kmaq artist to design a new flag for both the flagpole and its permanent collection. Two flags will be made each time: one for the wind and one for the vaults. These flags are sewn, not printed, so that the labour of their makers is physically apparent. Every five years, the gallery will exhibit the flags together, the weather-beaten ones next to their partners from the vaults. This project thus serves as an ongoing land acknowledgement that honours the L’nuk (Mi’kmaq) as the traditional owners and custodians of the unceeded lands upon which the Owens was built.

To keep this project grounded in community, each artist who designs a flag will nominate the artist for the following year. We are thrilled to announce that the artist designing the flag for 2021 is Natasha Patles. Patles is a talented artist from Eel Ground First Nation with a Diploma in Fine Craft and Applied Design from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. We look forward to working with her on this important collaboritive project.

Photo: Mathieu Léger
We would like to acknowledge, honour, and pay respect to the traditional owners and custodians—from all four directions—of the land on which we live. It is upon the unceded, ancestral lands of the L’nuk (Mi’kmaq) that the Owens Art Gallery is located. While this area is known as Sackville, New Brunswick, it is part of Siknikt, a district of the greater territory of Mi’kma’ki. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship,” which the Mi’kmaq Wolastoqiyik, and Peskotomuhkati first signed with the British Crown in 1725.
The Owens Art Gallery would like to thank Mount Allison University, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ruth Lockhart Eisenhauer Art Fund for supporting this project. We also sincerely grateful to Patricia Musgrave-Quinn, Indigenous Affairs Coordinator, Mount Allision University, as well as our exceptional staff, student interns, volunteers, and supporters in the community of Sackville and the broader Atlantic region.


SAINT JOHN, N.B. Mar. 18, 2019 – An Anglophone artist, an Indigenous artist and an Acadian artist will spend three weeks in three different communities in New Brunswick working on creation projects as part of the Cross-Cultural Creation Residency. On top of providing a new means to help artists create, while recognizing current debates surrounding cultural and language tensions in New Brunswick, this initiative demonstrates that it is possible to grow by combining strengths rather than advocating division.

The residency with artists Indigo Poirier (Fredericton), Tara Francis (Elsipogtog) and Nicole Haché (Caraquet) will take place March 15th to April 5th, and will include open studios days and artists talks to which the public is invited. The residency will be in three stages, one week in each of the following communities: Caraquet, Saint John and the Metepenagiag First Nation.

Through this residency, artists will have the opportunity to create new work while immersing themselves in the artistic process of fellow artists. The experience of being in another community and creating with people of different artistic backgrounds allows one to go beyond language barriers and discover different cultural environments.

Association Acadienne des Artistes Professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick, ArtsLink NB and Mawi’art: The Wabanaki Artist Collective have teamed up to host a cross-cultural residency between an Acadian artist, an Anglophone artist, and an Indigenous artist. This is the inaugural collaboration between the three provincial artists service organizations.



Open Studio: Mar. 20th, 12-3pm

Artist Talk: Mar 21, 5-7pm


Open Studio: Mar. 27th, 12-3pm

Artist Talk: Mar 28, 5-7pm


Open Studio: Apr. 3rd, 12-3pm

Artist Talk: Apr. 4th, 5-7pm

About the artists:

Indigo Poirier is a Fredericton-based artist specializing in the medium of electronic music. Her solo work under the name Wangled Teb combines intricate drum programming and deep, well-thought-out sound design with a strong sense of melodic progression and passion for experimentation with structure. She is also an avid collaborator, performing in psychedelic rock band Helium Submarine and electronic improv trio Terre Wa, as well as frequently working with artists in other mediums to create interdisciplinary works of art.

Tara Francis is a Mi’kmaq Artist from Elsipogtog First Nation. She attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and has been working in her field since 2003. She specializes in Porcupine Quillwork, Silk Painting and Acrylic Painting. She considers her work her spiritual journey and incorporates her teachings into each piece.

Nicole Haché grew up on Lamèque Island before moving to Caraquet, NB. She uses her medical laboratory training to conceptualize her creations that address social habits and focus on human relationships and the planet. Her work offers a vibrant and delicate universe in counterpoint to the fury of modernity. Eminently organic, her paintings and installations weave human relations of quality, to protect the planet or to be anchored in the intimate and collective history.

About ArtsLink NB

ArtsLink NB is a province-wide arts service organization representing artists of all disciplines. We work to help artists build robust careers in New Brunswick by providing professional opportunities, public programming, specialized training, and advocacy work. We are working to grow the arts sector to meet national standards of excellence and enhance the socio-economic status of artists.


The Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick is an Acadian arts service organization for professional artists. The mission of the association is to protect the rights and represent the interests of artists, and to promote the recognition of their contributions to society. aaapnb.ca

About Mawi’art The Wabanaki Artist Collective

Collective of Aboriginal Visual Artists from across Atlantic Canada, creating traditional and contemporary works of art for sale and by commission.

This program is supported by:

The Government of New Brunswick, Canada Council for the Arts, the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation, the Saint John Arts Centre, and the Metepenagiag Heritage Park.

Media contact:

For additional information, please contact:

Julie Whitenect, Executive Director ArtsLink NB

julie@artslinknb.com      (506) 608-9914

ArtsLink AGM & Atlantic Vernacular Panel to be held in Saint Andrews


ArtsLink NB is hosting their annual general meeting in Saint Andrews Oct. 14th, at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre.


SAINT JOHN, N.B. Sep. 19, 2018 ArtsLink NB is hosting their annual general meeting October 14th in St. Andrews. The AGM will be followed by a panel discussion asking what is the “Atlantic Vernacular”? What are the materials and motifs defining artists of this region? Both events will take place at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, 1 Lower Campus Rd, St. Andrews, on Sunday, Oct.14th, from 10-4 p.m.


Attend the AGM to find out what your provincial professional artist’s association – ArtsLink NB – has been up to. You’ll also have a good look at what programming and projects we are planning for the year ahead. This is a chance to connect with your fellow artists, give the organization feedback, and get more involved with arts initiatives in New Brunswick.


We’ll switch gears in the afternoon, and host both a panel and group discussion about regional identity in the arts. ArtsLink NB is embarking on a multi-year project dedicated to exploring the “Atlantic Vernacular”, and we’d love member input in planning a larger symposium and publication. Come share your experiences will art colleagues from around the province.


Saturday’s multidisciplinary panel features:



The event is free and open to the public. Please register beforehand. 


About ArtsLink NB

ArtsLink NB is a province-wide, membership based organization representing artists of all disciplines. We work to help artists build robust careers in New Brunswick through providing professional opportunities, public programming, specialized training, and advocacy work. We are working to grow the arts sector to meet national standards of excellence and economic output.


For additional information, please contact:

Julie Whitenect, Associate Director

ArtsLink NB


(506) 608-9914


Respectful Workplaces in the Arts Progress on CHRC’s national anti-harassment initiatives

Canada’s performing, literary and visual arts organizations and artists have joined together in a broad initiative called “Respectful Workplaces in the Arts”. This cross-country, cross-sector project is designed to deal with and remove harassment in the sector – including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence.


Respectful Workplaces in the Arts

Progress on CHRC’s national anti-harassment initiatives

Since the announcement of the Canada Council of the Arts funding to support “Respectful Workplaces in the Arts” for the performing, literary and visual arts, we have been hard at work hiring and otherwise liaising with creative consultants, legal and HR professionals, contractors and sector leaders in order to develop thorough, inclusive and effective anti-harassment resources. Specific updates and timelines for project deliverables follow:

Code of Conduct: A draft code of conduct for the live performing arts is being developed by a Working Group of sector volunteers, chaired by Barry Hughson, CEO of the National Ballet of Canada. It is to be put out for discussion in September and finalized by November.

Reporting Mechanisms: Jeanne LeSage of LeSage Arts Management has been engaged to undertake a report on existing reporting mechanisms for victims of harassment, and systems of investigation for employers. This report will include sector-appropriate recommendations on how to develop these mechanisms and systems of investigation in the performing, literary and visual arts.

Training Resources: New resources are being created! All will be available on the Respectful Workplaces in the Arts website over the coming 4 months. These include:

  • a guide to developing policies and procedures for dealing with harassment will be released in September, as a tool in CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit;
  • training videos from the points of view of the artist/employee, and of the Board/employer are to be released in November;
  • webcasts to explain compliance with provincial and territorial legislation around harassment – to be released in December.

As well, examples of training resources on harassment are being researched and collected for reference on the Respectful Workplaces website.

Consultations with equity-seeking groups: Country-wide consultations are being held with equity-seeking groups in September and October in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and Halifax. They will provide feedback on the draft Code of Conduct, training needs and resources around harassment, and suggestions for potential reporting and investigating mechanisms.

Website: The website for Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is presently being built, and is to be launched in the fall. It will be the gathering place for all that’s going on under the banner of the project Respectful Workplaces in the Arts (RWA).

Ad campaign: Respectful Workplaces in the Arts materials for the use of arts organizations are to be made available in September. Visual ads (for digital and printed use), video, and other media to which sector organizations can add their logo and share with their members will be included.

Further RWA updates to come in CHRC’s newsletters  and project-specific updates such as this one!

Build the Playhouse 2.0 Project

Can you imagine Fredericton without a live performance venue like the Playhouse? Neither can we. We must make our plan for a new venue a reality before it’s too late. Our community needs it. Our artists need it. Our downtown needs it.

We have put together all of the information we have on the state of the current Playhouse building as well as our plans for our future in a clear and current website called Build the Playhouse 2.0: https://buildtheplayhouse2.ca

Please have a look, follow along, and please SPEAK UP! If you think this project is important, your community needs to hear from you now. You ca subscribe to project updates through this link too!




Click photo to see plans

For arts & culture supporters at election time in NB, read the unified message from from ArtsLinkNB, AAAPNB and artsnb. / Pour les gens qui soutiennent les arts et la culture pendent les élections in N-B, voici le message unifié émis par ArtsLink, AAAPNB, et artsnb. 

For arts and culture supporters at election time in NB, read the unified message from from ArtsLinkNB, AAAPNB and artsnb. / Pour les gens qui soutiennent les arts et la culture pendent les élections in N-B, voici le message unifié émis par ArtsLink, AAAPNB, et artsnb.


Fredericton Arts Alliance’s Provincial Election Forum on Arts Issues

Fredericton Arts Alliance’s Provincial Election Forum on Arts Issues, September 6 at 7pm in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre

The Fredericton Arts Alliance has organized a town hall forum on arts issues. All provincial political parties have been invited to send one candidate to discuss things cultural and artistic, party policies on the arts, and plans or projects to encourage the arts. Susanne Alexander of Goose Lane Editions will moderate the forum.

The format will consist of opening statements (order of speaking to be determined by a draw), followed by questions directed to the various candidates. There will be an opportunity for closing remarks in reverse order of the opening statements. We are asking Arts News readers to highlight issues they would like raised at the forum. If you have something you want the candidates to address, please send an email with your suggestions to us at: president@frederictonartsalliance.ca.

We would like to circulate five questions to the candidates in advance of the forum to start the discussion rolling, and to ensure that most of the key questions are addressed. Further questions from the floor will round out the evening. Light refreshments will be served. The Fredericton Arts Alliance has organized election forums for every federal, provincial, and municipal election since 1999.

AiR 10: Writing and painting the focus of the final residency

Writing and painting projects will be created during the final week of the Artists in
Residence program in the Garrison District Aug. 28 – Sept. 3.

Established author Mark Jarman and Fredericton High School student Megan Murphy
will work on two separate creative projects in Casemate #11 at the Soldiers’ Barracks.

Jarman, whose novel “Salvage King Ya!” is on Amazon’s list of 50 Essential Canadian
Books and is number one on their list of Best Hockey Fiction, will be writing about
Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula and the Shanghai River in China, and how the two bodies of
water compare and contrast. He will also do a public reading of the piece.

Murphy, who was cast as Belle in Theatre New Brunswick’s recent production of Beauty
and the Beast, will be working on a large painting depicting Fredericton as an
underwater ruin, symbolizing the catastrophe that the recent flooding brought. She will
also paint bustling sea life and a shining sun, which will symbolize the life that comes
from loss in light of Fredericton’s sense of community during such difficult times.

The artist residencies, organized by the Fredericton Arts Alliance, encourage visitors to
interact with the artists. The studio is open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday
and noon – 5 p.m. Sunday.


More info at the Fredericton Arts Alliance website here!