Dialogue New Brunswick (DNB) will receive applications from professional artists or art lovers, with a rich and extensive culture in the arts, an excellent knowledge of New Brunswick’s artistic community, and who are familiar with interpreting artwork until November 23, 2020.  The successful candidate will accompany Dialogue NB in the design and implementation of the “Artistic Expression” component of its upcoming public consultation. 


Dialogue NB is a non-profit organization, led by a volunteer board of directors, with a mandate to help the Province of New Brunswick to be a more socially cohesive community.

As part of its mandate, Dialogue NB will launch a public consultation at the end of November to survey the state of New Brunswick on social cohesion in depth and amplify New Brunswickers’ voices. This consultation is part of a two-step process.

Phase 1: During the first 6 months (November 30, 2020 to May 31, 2021), all New Brunswickers will be invited to express themselves on what social cohesion means to them (ideal vision, challenges, issues, etc.). They will have the choice between six ways of expression, which will open up as the consultation progresses. From November, a survey (online), an open forum (online), and the opportunity for representatives of organizations to meet and talk at the Government House will be offered. In early 2021, three new components will gradually be added : “Public Dialogue,” “Artistic Expression” and “Youth” (Little Childhood, Primary, Secondary). The findings of the consultation will be made public at the end of this six months. They will also be submitted to the Lieutenant-Governor, the Honourable Brenda Murphy, in addition to the Premier and other key decision-makers in New Brunswick.

Phase 2: Based on the results of this consultation and its data, Dialogue NB will define a reading grid of the province’s social cohesion challenges: this grid will serve as a basis for reflection on the development of solutions by and for New Brunswickers. The duration of the second phase will be six (6) months, starting in June 2021 until December 2021.


Accompanying Dialogue NB in the design and implementation of the “Artistic Expression” component of its upcoming public consultation:

  • Solicit public interest in this area.
  • Encourage New Brunswickers to express themselves through the artistic path(s) of their choice about what social cohesion means to them. Invite them to submit their works to Dialogue NB (Painting, collage, sculpture, photography, dance, music, literary work, poetry, embroidery, beading… The possibilities are infinite!).
  • Analyze and interpret each work of art addressed to Dialogue NB.
  • Write a full report for Dialogue NB on messages delivered under this component.


  • Rich and extensive general culture in the arts
  • Excellent knowledge of New Brunswick’s arts community
  • Sharp skills in art analysis

To apply, please follow this link.