News Release
December 18, 2020

Charlotte County Archives puts funding from the Council of Archives New Brunswick to strategic use
St. Andrews, NB โ€” Matt Honey, Archives Manager at the Charlotte County Archives (CCA), recently
secured funding from the Council of Archives New Brunswick (CANB) for three very significant projects.
Each project will help fulfil the mission of the Archives โ€” to collect, preserve and conserve, through
archival best practices, the pre-eminent collection of significant documents relating to the evolving
history and culture of Charlotte County, and actively engage the public through research, education, and

With an envelope of $3000 from CANB, the Charlotte County Archives will organize and catalogue
documents associated to or collected by the Charlotte County Historical Society (CCHS) over the years.
The predecessor of the Charlotte County Archives, the CCHS first organized in 1975, before the current
Charlotte County Archives was formed. All the hard work and research completed by the CCHS will be
made accessible to future researchers through this funding.
A grant of $2900 was awarded to the Charlotte County Archives to carefully examine, organize, and
catalogue the fonds (personal collections) of Dr. Charles Smith, Earl Caughey, Jackie Gibson, and Rose
McKay Haughn. These collections will provide further insight into churches, schools, family histories,
court proceedings, Charlotte County militia, the Town of St. Andrews, and other precious details about
Charlotte County history.

And finally, CANB has given $1400 towards arranging and processing 47 maps, floorplans, and
blueprints, each of value to researchers across the County.
This funding, in conjunction with a new website soon to be launched by the Charlotte County Archives,
will enable people to learn more about Charlotte County through online searches, a definite benefit
during the current pandemic, when social distancing is so crucial.


For more information, please contact Heather Wilson (contact@ccarchives.ca) or Franklin Cardy,


News Release re CANB 2020 Funding