The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is growing in more ways than one. With a spectacular new façade, exciting exhibitions and programs, and revamped internal systems, we need YOU to be part of our dynamic team!

Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Job: Registrar

To apply for this position, please submit your résumé to Sandra Nickerson, Business Services Manager: By email, HR@beaverbrookartgallery.org

Position profile:

Reporting directly to the Manager of Collections & Exhibitions, the Registrar is responsible for the management of the collection and exhibitions, which comprises maintenance, storage, transportation and record keeping associated with the Gallery’s permanent collection, exhibitions, and acquisitions.

The Registrar ensures that collections management is conducted in accordance with the highest public art gallery standards in Canada aligned with the resources made available by the Gallery.

The Registrar must also be able to manage other Gallery projects related to the collection, its exhibition, and related to traveling exhibitions.

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