ArtsLink NB Open Members’ Meeting đź’»

Join us for an open members’ meeting on March 31st, 2023, at noon via Zoom.

ArtsLink NB. The arts are vital for all New Brunswickers. Open Members' Zoom. Friday, March 31st, 12pm

ArtsLink NB’s Executive Director Julie Whitenect will give an update on our upcoming activities, and be available for questions and suggestions.

We are always looking for ways to connect with and communicate with our members. If you are unable to join us but would like to connect, please email hailey@artslinknb.com with any comments.

Experts on Call

We are excited to announce that the Experts on Call pilot program has officially launched!

Whether you want to improve your understanding of Google Analytics, get actionable tips for digital marketing, optimize your SEO strategies, enhance your online presence, or even learn about UX and accessibility best practices, our Experts on Call pilot program is here to help you reach your goals!

Digital Connections. Experts on Call, ArtsLink NB. The arts are vital to all New Brunswickers.

You can book a training appointment now with one of our experts! Experts On Call is designed to provide artists and arts organizations with resources and access to digital experts by booking online training appointments with them.

There are four experts on our Experts on Call network, with expertise in areas such as Digital Marketing, SEO, UX and Web Accessibility, Google Analytics, etc. Each organization is given an allowance of two training appointments per calendar month, which you can use however you wish.

Each training appointment is one hour. To book a training appointment, go to this link and click the “Book Now” button.

Cross-Cultural Creation Residency 2023

Cross-Cultural Creation Residency

Three Indigenous artists
Three Francophone artists
Three Anglophone artists
Ten days of creative companionship

(document en français ci-dessous)

Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective is proud and honoured to collaborate with ArtsLink NB and L’Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB), to offer our fourth Cross-Cultural Creation Residency, June 16-25, 2023 in Metepenagiag.  The organizations are launching a call for 10 artists from the province’s three largest cultural groups: Indigenous, Francophone, and Anglophone artists. The 10-day residency will take place at Metepenagiag Heritage Park and Outdoor Lodge, and artists will have the opportunity to work on a personal project as well as exchange creative energy and cultural wisdom with eight other artists.

Call to Artists. Cross-Cultural Creation Residency

Residency Information

The theme of this year’s Cross-Cultural Creation residency will be Netakulimk.  This is a teaching shared by Elder Albert Marshall of Esksoni First Nation, who will join the artists during the residency.  Netakulimk is described as “the use of the natural bounty provided by the Creator for the self-support and well-being of the individual and the community.”  Western thinkers might understand this to mean simply “sustainability” but as Elder Albert will teach us, Netakulimk encompasses core aspects of humanness; interconnectedness; and the four core values of respect, responsibility, relationship, and reciprocity.


Metepenagiag Heritage Park and Outdoor Lodge and the surrounding land and water will ground artists in the natural environment and the deep connections to land and place experienced by Indigenous peoples.  This place-based experience, steeped in the history of a “village of 30 centuries,” will provide artists with opportunities to reflect on the meaning of ancestry, their own ancestral lines, and the relationships between past, present, and future generations.  Artists will be welcome to walk the grounds, participate in a group paddle on the Miramichi River, harvest materials in support of their artistic practice from the woods and water, and create in and of a natural environment as people have done in this place for thousands of years. 

The selected artists will stay in Metepenagiag Outdoor Lodge, each in a private room.  Meals and housekeeping will be provided to the artists to maximize the time they are able to devote to their practice, to time alone, and voluntary group activities.  We will host evening fires, storytelling, and other Indigenous cultural offerings.

Residency Goals

  • To encourage artistic exploration and the creation of new works, by creating in healthy conditions conducive to artist creation
  • To contribute to the increasing quality of artistic work in NB
  • To facilitate collaboration and the sharing of expertise
  • To create significant cultural bridges between the different communities in the province
  • To facilitate meetings between the artists and the public and help the public better understand the creation process.

The works that are created may be presented publicly in 2024. The artists will be given complete artistic freedom, and they will be asked to participate in a one-day Open Studio on June 24, 2023 to allow the community to learn about their creative processes.

The Selected Artists Will Be Expected To:

  1. Provide their own art supplies
  2. Interact with the other participating artists
  3. Publicly present their creations at the end of the residence in an exhibition 
  4. Submit a final report and evaluation to Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective, ArtsLink NB, and l’AAAPNB,within 30 days of the end of the residency.
  5. Be available for the entirety of the residence, from June 16 – 25, 2023.

Who Can Apply?

  1. All professional artists, both emerging and established, are invited to apply for the residency (for more information on eligibility, see artsnb’s definition of a professional artist).
  2. The residency is open to Indigenous artists who are members of Mawi’Art, Francophone artists who are members of l’AAAPNB, and Anglophone artists who are members of ArtsLink NB.

How to Apply

Fill out the Google Form (English and French) in full, including a detailed project description (500-1500 words).

  • Attach your artist statement and artist cv to the Google Form.
  • Artists must be available for the full residency period, from June 16-25, 2023.

Selection Criteria

The applications will be evaluated by a peer jury. The jury will consider:

  1. The relevance and feasibility of the proposed project, given the location and technical capabilities of the location;
  2. The project’s originality and creativity;
  3. The potential impact of the project on the artist’s career.


Application deadline: Feb 19, 2023. March 3, 2023

Responses to candidates:  March 3, 2021. March 10, 2021.

What’s Included in the Residency

  • A $1,500 stipend
  • Reimbursement for travel costs, from the artist’s residence to the residency location (if over 50 km)
  • Lodging in private room with private bath in Metepenagiag Outdoor Lodge
  • All meals will be provided

If You Have Questions, Please Reach Out to US:

Shawn Dalton, Ph.D. — Executive Director

Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective

550 Queen St., Fredericton NB, E3B 1B9



Moulay Ahmed Chbihi – Responsable des services aux artistes

l’Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick

140 rue Botsford bureau 29

Moncton N.-B. E1C 4X5


506.852.3313 ext. 226


Jeri Knopp – Programming Director

ArtsLink NB

89 Canterbury St., Suite 407, Saint John, NB, E2L 2C7


(506) 647-6201


This project is a collaborative partnership among Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective, l’Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick, and ArtsLink NB and is made possible thanks to the Government of New Brunswick and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Résidence de création interculturelle

Trois artistes autochtones
Trois artistes francophones
Trois artistes anglophones

RĂ©sidence de crĂ©ation interculturelle 

Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective est fier et honorĂ© de collaborer avec ArtsLink NB et L’Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB) pour offrir cette quatrième rĂ©sidence de crĂ©ation interculturelle, du 16 au 25 juin 2023 Ă  Metepenagiag. Les trois organismes lancent un appel pour trouver 10 artistes parmi les trois plus grands groupes culturels de la province : artistes autochtones, francophones et anglophones. La rĂ©sidence de 10 jours aura lieu au Metepenagiag Heritage Park and Outdoor Lodge et les artistes auront l’occasion de travailler sur un projet personnel ainsi que d’Ă©changer leur Ă©nergie crĂ©ative et leur sagesse culturelle avec huit autres artistes.

Informations au sujet de la résidence

Le thème de la rĂ©sidence de crĂ©ation interculturelle de cette annĂ©e sera Netakulimk. Il s’agit d’un enseignement partagĂ© par l’AĂ®nĂ© Albert Marshall de la Première Nation d’Esksoni, qui se joindra aux artistes pendant la rĂ©sidence. Netakulimk est dĂ©crit comme “l’utilisation de la gĂ©nĂ©rositĂ© naturelle fournie par le CrĂ©ateur pour l’autosuffisance et le bien-ĂŞtre de l’individu et de la communautĂ©”. Les penseurs occidentaux pourraient comprendre que cela signifie simplement « durabilitĂ© », mais comme l’AĂ®nĂ© Albert nous l’enseignera, Netakulimk englobe les aspects fondamentaux de l’humanitĂ©; interconnexion; et les quatre valeurs fondamentales que sont le respect, la responsabilitĂ©, la relation et la rĂ©ciprocitĂ©.

Lieu de la résidence

Le lieu Metepenagiag Heritage Park and Outdoor Lodge ainsi que les terres et les eaux environnantes ancreront les artistes dans l’environnement naturel et les liens profonds avec la terre ainsi que les lieux vĂ©cus par les peuples autochtones. Cette expĂ©rience basĂ©e sur l’endroit, ancrĂ©e dans l’histoire d’un «village vieux de 30 siècles», offrira aux artistes des occasions de rĂ©flĂ©chir sur le sens de l’ascendance, leurs propres lignĂ©es ancestrales et les relations entre les gĂ©nĂ©rations passĂ©es, prĂ©sentes et futures. Les artistes seront invitĂ©s Ă  marcher sur le terrain, Ă  participer Ă  une pagaie de groupe sur la rivière Miramichi, Ă  rĂ©colter des matĂ©riaux afin d’appuyer leur pratique artistique dans les bois et dans l’eau, et Ă  crĂ©er dans un environnement naturel comme les gens l’ont fait Ă  cet endroit depuis des millĂ©naires.

Les artistes sĂ©lectionnĂ©.e.s sĂ©journeront au Metepenagiag Outdoor Lodge, chacun.e dans une chambre privĂ©e. Les repas et l’entretien mĂ©nager seront fournis aux artistes afin de maximiser le temps qu’ils pourront consacrer Ă  leur pratique, aux moments en solitaire ainsi qu’aux activitĂ©s de groupe. Nous organiserons des feux de camps pendant les soirĂ©es oĂą des contes seront partagĂ©s ainsi que d’autres activitĂ©s culturelles autochtones. 

Buts et objectifs de la résidence

  • Encourager l’exploration artistique et la crĂ©ation d’Ĺ“uvres nouvelles, en crĂ©ant dans des conditions saines propices Ă  la prolifĂ©ration artistique
  • Contribuer Ă  la qualitĂ© croissante du travail artistique au N.-B
  • Faciliter la collaboration et le partage d’expertise
  • CrĂ©er des ponts culturels significatifs entre les diffĂ©rentes communautĂ©s de la province
  • Faciliter les rencontres entre les artistes et le public et aider le public Ă  mieux comprendre le processus de crĂ©ation.

Les Ĺ“uvres crĂ©Ă©es seront prĂ©sentĂ©es publiquement en 2024. Les artistes bĂ©nĂ©ficieront d’une libertĂ© artistique complète et seront invitĂ©.e.s Ă  participer Ă  une journĂ©e « Open Studio Â» le 24 juin 2023 pour permettre Ă  la communautĂ© de dĂ©couvrir leurs processus de crĂ©ation. 

Ce que nous attendons des artistes sélectionne.e.s

  1. Fournir leurs propres fournitures et matériels
  2. Interagir avec les autres artistes participant.e.s
  3. Présenter publiquement leurs créations à la fin de la résidence lors d’une exposition
  4. Soumettre un rapport final et une Ă©valuation Ă  Mawi’Art : Wabanaki Artist Collective, ArtsLink NB et Ă  l’AAAPNB, dans les 30 jours qui suivent la fin de la rĂ©sidence.
  5. Être disponible pendant toute la durée de la résidence, du 16 au 25 juin 2023.

Qui peut soumettre sa candidature?

1. Les artistes professionnel.le..e.s, en voie de professionnalisation, les artistes Ă©mergents et les Ă©tablis sont tous invitĂ©.e.s Ă  postuler pour la rĂ©sidence (pour plus d’informations sur l’Ă©ligibilitĂ©, voir la dĂ©finition d’artsnb d’un artiste professionnel).

2. La résidence est ouverte aux artistes autochtones membres de Mawi’Art, aux artistes francophones membres de l’AAAPNB et aux artistes anglophones membres d’ArtsLink NB.

Comment Postuler?

Remplissez le formulaire Google au complet (anglais et français), en y intĂ©grant  une description dĂ©taillĂ©e du projet (500-1500 mots).

  • Joignez votre dĂ©claration d’artiste et votre CV d’artiste au formulaire Google.
  • Assurez-vous d’être disponibles tout au long de la pĂ©riode de rĂ©sidence, du 16 au 25 juin 2023.

Critéres de selection

Les candidatures seront évaluées par un jury de pairs. Le jury prendra en compte :

1. La pertinence et la faisabilité du projet proposé, en prenant en considération les capacités techniques liées à l’emplacement;

2. L’originalitĂ© et la crĂ©ativitĂ© du projet;

3. L’impact potentiel du projet sur la carrière de l’artiste.


Date limite de candidature : 19 février 2023. 3 mars 2023

RĂ©ponses aux candidats : 3 mars 2023. 10 mars 2023

Ce que est inclus dans la residence

  • Un cachet de 1 500 $ par artiste
  • Les frais de dĂ©placement sont remboursĂ©s, en fonction de la distance entre le lieu d’habitation de l’artiste et le  lieu de la rĂ©sidence (si plus de 50 km)
  • L’hĂ©bergement en chambre privĂ©e avec salle de bain privĂ©e au Metepenagiag Outdoor Lodge
  • Tous les repas seront fournis

Pour toute question contactez-nous : 

Shawn Dalton, Ph.D. — Executive Director

Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective

550 Queen St., Fredericton NB, E3B 1B9



Moulay Ahmed Chbihi – Responsable des services aux artistes

Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick

140 rue Botsford bureau 29

Moncton N.-B. E1C 4X5


506.852.3313 ext. 226


Jeri Knopp – Programming Director

ArtsLink NB

89 Canterbury St., Suite 407, Saint John, NB, E2L 2C7


(506) 647-6201


Ce projet est un partenariat de collaboration entre Mawi’Art: Wabanaki Artist Collective, l’Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick et ArtsLink NB et est rendu possible grâce au gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick et au Conseil des arts du Canada.

ArtsLink Seeks Programming Director (Maternity Leave)


ArtsLink NB is seeking applications for a Programming Director (maternity leave). Applications will be accepted until January 20, 2023, and the position starts February 15, 2023.

We're Hiring. artslinknb.com/news ArtsLink NB. The arts are vital to all New Brunswickers

Who Is ArtsLink NB?

ArtsLink NB is a member-based arts service organization, founded in 2009 to advance the arts in New Brunswick by linking and unifying artists and arts organizations and promoting their value. We represent New Brunswick artists of all disciplines from across the province.

Position Summary 

Reporting to the Executive Director and working collaboratively with the ArtsLink NB team, the Programming Director (PD) acts as a resource person supporting artists in their professional development and devises and coordinates ArtsLink’s professional development programs. 

Key responsibilities are the development and successful implementation of the CATAPULT Arts Accelerator curriculum, professional development programs, and residency programs while working closely with our strategic partners. In addition, the PD is responsible for grant writing, program development, and recruitment of facilitators and mentors.

The PD is the primary point of contact for these programs and their participants and will be responsible for handling all inquiries and concerns. 

The PD must be organized, detail-oriented, adaptable, and a collaborative self-starter with strong planning and facilitation skills. Reporting to the ED, the PD must manage relationships with numerous partners. PD will develop and execute on program timelines and manage program logistics and data collection for evaluation.

Job Brief 

Duties and responsibilities 

The PD will oversee and implement ArtsLink’s programs. In anticipation of successful funding, this individual will complete the following tasks:

  • Recruit participants
  • Implement proposed curriculum, further develop curriculum and programming as needed
  • Work within project budgets as outlined in approved project proposal
  • Complete reports required by funders, and partners (as applicable)
  • Maintain and cultivate relationships with funders
  • Plan, book speakers, book catering, book meeting spaces, and provide other logistics as needed
  • Assist in the promotion of programming
  • Report to the ED weekly on implementation, budgets matters, and program needs
  • Coordinate and administer project evaluations
  • Maintain administrative systems for projects
  • Provide full reporting to the ED for review one month prior to reporting deadlines

Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications

Language Requirements: Business is generally conducted in English. Bilingualism is considered an asset.

Start Date: February 15, 2023

Type of Work: Contract, full-time, Monday to Friday. Occasional work during off-hours and weekends. Some travel through New Brunswick may be required, so must have a valid driver’s license.

Compensation: $50,000-$54,000 depending on experience. ArtsLink NB is an equal opportunity employer and offers a flexible and engaging work environment. 

Term: 10-month contract (maternity leave).

Place of work: ArtsLink NB’s offices are located in Saint John, NB. Candidates are welcome to propose working remotely, although periodic in-person meetings will be required. 

Application Deadline: Jan 20, 2023.

How to Apply

Send your cover letter and resume to Julie@artslinknb.com by Jan 20, 2023, at 5 pm.

ArtsLink NB Annual General Meeting 2022 Notice đź“Ł

ArtsLink NB’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, Oct. 22 in conjunction with the Arts Atlantic Symposium. Join us at 8:45 am at the Delta Conference room in Saint John. Breakfast will be served. Remote viewing and voting will also be offered for all members. 

ArtsLink NB AGM Saturday, October 22, 8:45am, Delta Conference Centre, Saint John, NB

You are encouraged to join us in person to look back at the past year and vote in new Board members for the coming year. 

ArtsLink offers a travel subsidy for members to attend our AGM, more information can be found here.

More information will be circulated to all members in good standing closer to the date. Please send any questions to Hailey@artslinknb.com.

ArtsLink NB is committed to providing a safe, inclusive space for our members to gather and share, please see our Accessibility notes for more details.

CreatedHere Scholarship 🎓

CreatedHere Magazine, which ran from from 2015 to 2022, ceased publication this year. We are very sad to see it go, but its legacy will continue in two forms.

A french press of coffee sits next to an opened copy of CreatedHere magazine, a pair of reading glasses, and a coffee mug. Text reads, the CreatedHere Scholarship.

ArtsLink NB is pleased to announce that we will archive and maintain its back issues, which can be found at www.createdhere.ca.

In addition, CreatedHere’s remaining funds after closure were endowed to the NBCC Foundation ($20,243) to fund an annual $700 scholarship to NBCCD students. The NBCC Foundation is a charitable organization that administers annual scholarships and bursaries to students studying at NBCC, NBCCD, and CCNB.

CreatedHere: Art Within Reach

It will be awarded annually to the student with the highest standing in the first year writing course (currently: ENGL1001: The Language of Art and Design) within the Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) program.
The student must be in good academic standing in the FVA program (with a minimum CGPA of 2.0).
The scholarship will begin in the 2023/24 academic year. Eligible students will receive details at that time.

For full details, visit www.createdhere.ca/scholarship

New Course Added to the Foundry đź“’

We’ve added a new course to The Foundry, based on an intensive workshop ArtsLink NB offered earlier this year.

New Course! Dreaming Inventive Futures: Anti-Oppression with instructor Carmel Farahbakhsh

Welcome to Dreaming Inventive Futures with Carmel Farahbakhsh, your introduction to anti-oppressive practices in the creative sector. This course combines foundational anti-oppressive modalities, peer-based learning, personal reflection, and active discussion as teaching tools. These themes will be grounded in disrupting tokenism in the arts sector, moving beyond defensiveness and fear in creative work, imagination, and accessibility.

The aim is that participants will feel supported and motivated to engage in systems change work within the arts as well as more confident in continuing anti-oppressive conversations in their work personally and professionally.This course is supported by the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

Register today.

The Foundry is ArtsLink NB’s collection of online courses for arts professionals to improve and develop their skills.

You can also learn more about the course instructor here.

CATAPULT Networking Event ⚡︎

ArtsLink NB is hosting the first networking event for CATAPULT alumni, and we’re inviting representatives from NB arts organizations to come meet the graduates.

The event will take place on Sunday, July 3rd from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The BMO Studio Theatre at 112 Princess St., Saint John. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Catapult Arts Accelerator Networking Event, Sunday, July 3, 3pm to 6pm

If your organization would like to send representatives to the event, please send an RSVP to programming@artslinknb.com

Note: ArtsLink NB is offering a $50 stipend per person for those living more than 50 km outside of Saint John.

ArtsLink NB Internship

We’re sad that our intern, Lauren Anderson, has now finished her two semesters of work with us. Lauren has been working on her BA in Psychology and is pursuing a career in HR after she completes her CPHR exam this May. Thanks so much for all the work you did with us, Lauren! We wish you much success in your future!

Lauren Anderson portrait

SHMF Awards 2022 Advanced Studies Scholarship

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation, an active supporter of artistic education and growth, offers a yearly program of funding to assist and encourage excellence in the visual arts.

Portrait of Christina Myers

Christiana Myers has been selected by an independent jury to receive a $5,000 Sheila Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship.  Ms. Myers, a leader in the New Brunswick contemporary arts scene, is a respected curator, teacher, writer, and organizational director.  She will build on her deep engagement in the visual arts through the pursuit of a PhD in Art History at the University of Glasgow.