Opening online August 1 st and in store August 3 rd

JULY 29 2021

A year after our first “Covid-19” exhibition, which featured a new online format of art opening, Jill Higgins is revisiting her “Icons” series.

Jill has pulled focus to our beautiful province in capturing iconic New Brunswick scenes, celebrating primarily the summer season and what often creates the best memories.

“These paintings, these are my summers. This is my cottage.” Jill Higgins. Many of the images are from locations that Jill has a very personal attachment to.

From boats to bonfires, you’ll find Jill has stayed true to her distinct style and palette, using a thick stroke impasto technique. The blasts of fuchsia and turquoise within the compositions have become a signature accent in Jill’s work.

“Last year we released freshly finished paintings one at time over 30 days, with Jill bringing in the works every couple days. They were a little tricky to handle, but the response was amazing. A lot of attention was on New Brunswick over the pandemic, and Jill’s work was collected all over the country by people wanting to have a little piece of this beautiful place. This year, with the long weekend, we both agreed that celebrating our province would be best launched on New
Brunswick Day. Most of our clients got very comfortable viewing art shows online and so we’re that’s where we’re opening the show first. It will be accessible to all on August 1 st , from the website. There’s also a 3D gallery that everyone can check out and get a sense of the works’ scale. Then when we reopen on Tuesday, the 3 rd , we welcome everyone to come visit us in person.” Elizabeth Cook, owner of Handworks Gallery.

For anyone passing by, there are posters with QR codes to scan that will take them directly to the exhibition page. Many of Jills works will be placed in the gallery windows for the long weekend.

Handworks Gallery is located at 12 King Street in Saint John, NB. Jill’s works, and other pieces by Maritime artists, can be found at Handworks.ca