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Jason Wilcox: Artist in Residence 🪰

Meet our Artist in Residence, Jason Willcox, from August 2 to 15 at the Fredericton Region Museum!

August 2nd, 6th to 9th, and 13th to 15th, 1pm to 4pm.

Artist in residence 2022. Jason Willcox. Fisherman, fly tyer. Meet the artist Aug 2, 6 to 9 and 13 to 15, 1 to 4pm. Fredericton Region Musuem, 571 Queen St. 506-455-6041. frmoperations@gmail.com

Jason Willcox is a dedicated multi-species angler from Fredericton NB. He has caught every species of gamefish In the province, but prefers to chase Musky or Atlantic salmon on the fly.

Jason works at Minnow Tackle Shop on King Street in Fredericton, and can usually be found on one of the province's rivers during his free time. When he isn't fishing, he's likely to be tying flies in preparation for his next adventure. "I got a fly tying kit when I was 16, and tried it out for a little bit. I managed to catch a few trout and smallmouth bass on some of the bugs I tied and then gave up on it until my mid twenties. One day I was given to opportunity to chase Atlantic Salmon but found that I didn't have any flies for them, so I dug out my fly tying kit and stayed up all night tying as many different flies as I had the materials for. I hooked my first salmon the next morning on a Red Eagle and I've stuck with it ever since!"

With over a decade of fly tying experience, he now ties a variety of different styles that include everything from traditional salmon flies to foot-long baitfish imitations for musky and striped bass. His favourite fish to target on the fly rod is musky, but he enjoys the challenges that come with all species and types of fishing.