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Amy Ash Workshop: Collective Regrowth and Other Possibilities 🌼

April 22 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm

Amy Ash’s deeply collaborative art Perennial Bodies: Collective Regrowth and Other Possibilities is about gathering to share energy and experience, seeding ideas and positive action.

Amy Ash at work

What can we learn from the kinship of tangled roots and whispering rhizomes, the sharing of re-sources for mutual flourishing, and the vibrant re-emergence after a long winter of rest?

A curiosity-driven event, we will come together to make and document experimental artworks that engage bodies fun, safe, and unusual ways. Encircling ideas of care, natural cycles, and connectivity with the more-than-human world, this workshop will be organized less like a class and more like a collaborative art-lab.

Let’s create a safe space for play, absurdity, deep attention, and contemplation, while imagining a future where we flourish in our understanding that we are not just in the world, but of it.
If we can listen to the world deeply enough, with our whole bodies, maybe we could seep past the divisions we’ve made and become a collective body, a super-organism of sensation.

Open to all levels of art-making experience, from pro to never-crafted-before —prompts, guidance, and support will be available whenever needed.

703 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 1C4 Canada
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