NAISA is pleased to launch its 2024 Call For Submissions,  ”There is Art in Our Nature.”

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) invites artists of all ages and nationalities to submit works on the theme ”There is Art in Our Nature” for consideration in New Adventures in Sound Art’s 2025 programming.

The complexity of the natural world is astounding in its diversity and musical nuance. The privilege to be able to visit, record and interpret the biophony of a place is a special opportunity. In a small way it helps us to deepen understanding and stake a small reminder in the importance of ensuring the health and survival of the biosphere. NAISA is located in a region where the natural world has had many impacts on art making – often cited is the work of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven who travelled to the area for inspiration. What are the acoustic influences of nature on the music making, sonic expression and interactive media taking place today?

For its 2025 programming, NAISA is interested in submissions of work related to the theme “There is Art in Our Nature” and creative ways that this theme can be explored. Individual interpretations or variations on the theme are encouraged, but should be realized with sound as the primary component.

NAISA encourages artists to submit works for interactive sound installations and sound sculptures for indoor and outdoor contexts. NAISA also accepts works for fixed media audio or audio-visual works, performances, livestreaming and any emerging digital formats that include sound as a primary element.

Particular to this year’s theme, NAISA would like to receive short soundscape “postcards” that provide an acoustic glimpse into the biophony of your home region.

Deadline May 31, 2024.

Full details are here.