The artist residency program called InterMISSION established during the pandemic will continue to expand the capacity and activities in the theatre during quiet periods in the annual programming cycle. Designed for local artists to nurture and support creativity and innovative practices in their craft, the InterMISSION residency program offers artists mentorship, access to professional facilities, and support. Our technical staff, specializing in theatrical lighting, sound, and multi-media arts, are available to the artists to work on individually designed proposals of development and exploration. The Playhouse staff is also available to assist with designing proposals, grant writing, production tutorials or other educational components involved in an artist’s creative project. 

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Information for Artists

The Fredericton Playhouse is now accepting applications for their artist development program, InterMISSION. Applications are due by September 9th, 2022, for residencies taking place during the 2023-24 season.


Individual artists, artistic companies, collectives, or any combination thereof working collaboratively are eligible to apply. Artists must be professional artists as defined by ArtsNB and may be emerging, mid-career or senior. The majority of individuals participating must be permanent New Brunswick residents. Priority will be given to applications that include artists residing in the Greater Fredericton region. All artistic disciplines are eligible, but priority will be given to those working in one or more of the performing arts (music, dance, theatre, circus, spoken word, etc.).

Some examples of residency projects include: creating new works, innovative music or sound recordings, video and lighting exploration, script development, movement exploration, staging or artistic specialization for plays, acting for the camera, vocal coaching, preparing for concerts, exploring or researching innovative ideas, small group collective composition lab for music and dance. Residencies are open to theatre artists, musicians, choreographers, composers, dancers, visual artists, designers, etc.

Residency Details

Length of Residencies and Dates: Residencies will be offered for daily or weekly increments and the number of residencies offered will depend on space availability. Each day will include up to 6 hours of work in the facility. Scheduling is to be determined between the artist and the Playhouse. Generally, residency availability is during the following time frames: August 2023 (4 weeks) and early January 2024 (2 weeks) and subject to availability of the venue and funding.

Activities: Activities may include research, creation, rehearsals, recordings, coaching, learning activities, performance video, documentation, demonstration, or any other activities that support the development of a project or artistic practice. The project participants will be required to adhere to all current health protocols.

Technical support:  Each residency will have the opportunity to use all available in-house production equipment and personnel in their residency. This includes concert grand piano, drum kit, dance floor, soft goods (curtains, screens, scrim, etc.), lighting instruments and consoles, sound equipment and consoles, and video projector. All Playhouse equipment will be handled and operated by Playhouse technical services staff (who can also provide coaching or demonstration on their operation). All technical requirements will be determined in advance of the residency commencing.

Full details and information are here.