FLOURISH Festival announces 50+ performers ahead of hybrid June event

Fredericton’s FLOURISH Festival has shared an impressive line-up ahead of its June 10-13 edition, announcing Motherhood, Wolf Castle, Century Egg, Eliza Niemi, LXVNDR, and nearly fifty other artists. Festival performances will encompass music, art, installations, workshops, poetry, and more, in a mix of in-person and digital events.

“With restrictions still in place throughout the country, we’ve focused on emerging artists in the Atlantic Bubble, while also ensuring collaborations and participations from artists across Canada and internationally, through digital means,” said FLOURISH co-organizer, Jane Blanchard (she/her). “The majority of our artists are presenting work at FLOURISH for the first time, which is incredibly exciting for us.”

Organizers are working both with existing venues and new spaces, to create a socially distanced concert experience that ensures a safe, comfortable environment for all artists, patrons, volunteers, and support staff.

“We are working with venues and locations across Fredericton to ensure that we can still take over the city with music and art, while also ensuring compliance with restrictions,” Blanchard said. “We may not be able to host sweaty punk shows or cram into small spaces this year, but we will be taking over public spaces with pop up performances, temporary public art, live music and more. We successfully adapted our 2020 programming, and learned a lot from that experience. We’re looking forward to trying out some new methods of presentation for 2021.”

The list of performers announced today includes (alphabetically): Albert Dalton, Aleya Michaud, An-Laurence Higgins, awakesleeping, Back River Lady, Book Buddies, Century Egg, Charles Harding, Cryptozoologists, Crystal Drew, David R. Elliott, Designosaur, dope.gng, Eliza Niemi, Emily Blair, Emily Harding, Emily Kennedy, Erin Goodine, Evan Furness, Eve Parker Finley, Heat $heets, illestpreacha, lil omar, Indigo Poirier, Jeff Arbeau, Jocelyn Anderson, Jordan Johnson, Katie Hamill, Kelsey Klip, Klarka Weinwurm, LXVNDR, La Bise, Laurel Green, Lazermortis, Maky Lavender, Marian, Matt Carter, Motherhood, Natasha Cliche, Olivia Chrysostom, Olka Art Collective, Post Coal Prom Queen, Rebecca Salazar, Sabrina Thibodeau, Sacha Stephan, Sadie, Shelf Life, Shiftwork Collective, Souvenir, The Firey, Wolf Castle, and 3 of Cups.

“As usual, we’re a melting pot of art, music and more, across Fredericton,” said Blanchard, of the 2021 line-up. “We’ll still be welcoming artists from away for digital performances and installations, but our in-person programming will have a focus on the Atlantic region. We’re really excited to see locals Motherhood tear up a live show, for instance, along with Century Egg and emerging artists Book Buddies and La Bise. Installations will be another focus this year and we’ll be presenting a few around the city, along with temporary public art pieces.”

“Our 2021 hip-hop programming is a personal favourite, with LXVNDR, Wolf Castle, Dope.Gng, Albert Dalton and more,” Blanchard said. “Beyond music and visual art, we have some very cool digital performances lined up, including a project called “Cornelia Webster” by Jeff Arbeau and Lindsay Jacquard, which is a multimedia interactive fiction in HTML format, following the many branching lives of Cornelia Webster (The Coleman Frog) as never told before. We have workshops planned, poetry, comedy and spoken word events, community projects and so much more.”

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FLOURISH Festival is a music and art festival located and operating in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The festival began in 2014, presenting small DIY music shows across the city. Since 2014, the festival and organization have evolved into a four-day festival presenting music, educational programming, visual art, theatre, community projects, public art and more. FLOURISH Festival accepts and presents all genres and art forms, aiming to challenge and encourage cultural and artistic development and appreciation. FLOURISH Festival is a labour of love and hard work and is run primarily by volunteers. We work tirelessly to present emerging artists in the community, as well as on an international and national level.

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