The aim of the consultation is to select 32 artists for the creation of illustrations on the platforms of 30 Grand Paris Express train stations, that will be put into service on the horizons of 2024 to 2026.

The object of this commission is the creation of illustrations that will unfold on the platforms of the Grand Paris Express. Each selected artist will be attributed with the elaboration of the illustrations of one train station. This commission looks to illustrate and interpret the territories served by the train stations of the Grand Paris Express, in a sensitive, metaphorical and even abstract manner. The artistic creations proposed as part of this consultation will be specifically thought and created for this commission.

The consultation is directed at artists and professional authors from all of the fields of comics, illustration, animation cinema and graphic design. The diversity of artists will guarantee the quality and the originality of this commission. The commission unfolds itself based on the principle of one artist per train station. In the interconnection train stations where several lines of the new network cross, several artists can be selected to identify each of these lines. This commission is based on a total surface of almost 50m² per train station, spread out on several modules of the train station platform.

The Grand Paris Express illustrations will enrich the train stations’ signage and urban furniture imagined by designers Ruedi Baur and Patrick Jouin, bringing a sensitive, artistic and urban dimension in the train stations’ spaces. In their implementation, these illustrations must immediately be identified as objects stemming from artistic production and shouldn’t create confusion with functional information.

The artists are invited to “illustrate” the territory to establish a link between the underground world and the city on the surface. These illustrations will be particularly visible from the inside of the trains and upon the descent of the trains. In this way, they will constitute “large windows onto the city”

Applications must be submitted before September 15th 2021 at 12 pm (Paris time).

An illustration module is visible at the Fabrique du Métro at Saint Ouen. Visits possible by appointment or during an open day.

Information available here: https://www.societedugrandparis.fr/gpe/visiter-la-fabrique-du-metro



The applicants must present a single application, no matter the amount of units they are applying for. The applicants are strongly encouraged to respond to the entire set of units.

The application should include:

A Curriculum Vitae presenting career and experiences (diplomas, courses, exhibitions, residencies, publications, grants, awards, etc.). 2 pages maximum.

  • An artistic file in the shape of a portfolio of 5 to 10 reference images, accompanied by a short description of the presented images (15 pages maximum). For
    multimedia documents, indicate the links in this artistic file.
  • A statement of intent of one page maximum explaining:
    • the interest of the candidate in this consultation and the project of illustrations
      of the territories of the Grand Paris Express;
    • the vision and intention of the candidate to illustrate a territory of the Grand
      Paris on the scale of the formats planned on the train stations’ platforms;
    • potentially, the specific connection with or interest of the candidate in one or
      several of the territories or cities served by the metro of the Grand Paris Express.
  • An application form based on the model supplied on the Société du Grand Paris’ website and on the platform www.marches-publics.gouv.fr.

Applications must be submitted before september 15th 2021 at 12 pm (Paris time).

The candidates must submit their application exclusively via the platform www.marches-publics.gouv.fr

More information at here.