ArtsLink NB invites its members to submit images to be included in some of its publications this year. This image bank will serve on the one hand to promote the work of artists, and on the other hand to enhance ArtsLink’s publications visually.


  • reproductions of works;
  • Promotional photos from events, performances etc;
  • school or other workshop photos;
  • photos of your participation in an event or festival;
  • other images (fixed or animated gif) related to artistic creation.


  • colour or black and white;
  • in high resolution (300 dpi – large format);
  • clearly identified with your name, the name of the work, the year of production, the format, a brief description, and the photo credit.

You must specify who owns the copyright to the image, as well as the photo credit (if there is credit).

Delivery date: Friday, January 31, 2020

Please send a maximum of three images to: info@artslinknb.com

If you are sending a series of images larger than 10 megabytes (MB), please do so by transfer service (wetransfer, dropbox, or other ftp).

ArtsLink NB will pay the reproduction rights for each image used in accordance with the rates suggested by CARFAC.