CreatedHere is seeking contributors for issue 13 of their magazine titled working art and launching in September 2020.
Art has an optics problem. By some, it is seen as a luxury with poor career prospects, while others believe that talented artists are gifted with their skills. But artists know better. Art = practice and technical development. Art = time (so much time). Art = work: integral, valid and viable work.
CreatedHere is seeking:
  • visual explorations of slow or labour-intensive processes
  • how artistic businesses can adapt to adverse conditions
  • unlikely avenues for artistic income, and grant-funded projects
  • research-backed findings on the economic impact of art & craft
  • making a living: creative entrepreneurs in action
CreatedHere is open to any ideas that creatively fit this theme. You do not need to be an experienced writer, and you can choose to suggest a story for their staff writers. Anyone may submit, and CreatedHere is offering increased payment this year for writers and artists ($100-$250, depending on contribution size).
For more information and to submit, click here. Pitches must be received by June  7, 2020. Selected contributors will then need to provide writings/imagery by July 5, 2020.