AX is seeking applications from New Brunswick Tattoo Artists for an exhibition titled Body Work during June and July of 2024 in our gallery space.

With the help of local tattoo artists Joey Saindon and Jesse-Lynn Jenkins we have developed an exhibition plan to highlight the rich history and art of tattooing. The objective of Body Work is to feature the best of New Brunswick’s tattoo artists, but to also give these artists a platform to showcase their talents beyond tattooing.

While the focal point of the exhibition will be body art, we are also seeking fine art and craft made by applicants, as well as artifacts related to the history of tattoos. We encourage artists practicing a variety of tattooing techniques and methods, including non-electric forms of tattooing, to fill out and submit our brief application to be considered for this unique opportunity.

Deadline to apply is March 31, 2024.

In addition to the exhibition, AX will be hosting a Tattoo Flash Fundraiser event that will run on Sunday, July 14th from 10am to 10pm. AX will select 10 interested artists to offer $100-$150 tattoos off the Flash Sheet of their making.

Artists can determine whether they would like to accept walk-in clients or pre-bookings for the event. AX will be available to help with the coordination of the bookings, if artists require. $20 from each Tattoo will be donated to AX as part of our Fundraising initiative. We will also be offering other activities, food and beverages throughout the duration of the event.

Full details are here.

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