Prince Edward Island based multi-disciplinary artist, Damien Worth is currently developing an interactive portrait of Fredericton for his upcoming exhibit at the UNB Art Centre in September.

Using video-game technology (Unity3d), Worth builds surreal landscapes that are textured with images solicited from the public. “This will be the fourth iteration of the project; I’ve already completed projects for Charlottetown (PEI), St. John’s (NL), and Sydney (NS). I’m interested in how we navigate spaces, how sites transform over time, and memory as it relates to personal identities” Worth notes.

Worth is looking for all types of imagery related to personal experience and locations surrounding the various identities of Fredericton. “I’m hoping to get a good range of subject matter, everything from locations of prominence to dingy late-night party scenes or back alleys. I’m also hoping to get some sound clips or 3d models.”

Worth is looking for interested participants to submit one or two images, sound clips, or 3d models to him no later than July 20th. The materials can be sent via email (damworth@hotmail.com) or via social media @damworth78. No advertising or offensive subject matter will be accepted.

The UNB Art Centre is located at Memorial Hall, 9 Bailey Drive, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.  The galleries are open 9 am – 4 pm on weekdays and during special events. Admission is free to members of the public.