The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design is accepting applications to the graduate studies program – Advanced Studio Practice. For those in the creative sector, this pathway is valuable to empower graduates to go further with their creative skills.

This graduate program spans three semesters of study in which students develop and implement a professional career plan in design, fine craft or visual arts. The key focus is on studio practice. Students work collaboratively with celebrated faculty advisors and professional mentors. This program is suitable for recent graduates, designers, artists and individuals with a fine craft practice who wish to engage in a supportive, collegial environment while evolving their distinct career goals. While many applicants come to us with qualifications, we also welcome mature students and those with equivalent life experience in art, design and fine craft. This program allows students to acquire business skills, networking know-how and enhanced studio practice to launch into self-employment or a successful career in the creative cultural sector.
Further information is also found on the NBBCD website under the ‘Advanced Studio Practic’ at the link below.
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