Creative Casemates Vendor Market 💂🏼‍♀️

Announcing Creative Casemates, a vendor market located in the Historic Garrison District’s Barracks open all summer long! ☀️
We are now accepting applications from any New Brunswick craftsperson, maker, or designer (including NBCCD alumni and students) to rent a space in this central location in downtown Fredericton during peak tourism season! 🌿
Applications are now open!

Set up shop in Fredericton’s downtown core as a vendor during peek tourism season! Boost the visibility of your brand and company! Sell your products like never before!

Shoppers walk past a shop in Fredericton's Garrison

There are many reasons to apply to rent one of our casemates in the downtown core of New Brunswick’s capital city.

This program is for any New Brunswick maker, creator, and designer interested in working in a casemate located in Fredericton’s Barracks on Queen Street and Carleton Street for three months from June to September.

Those that have a demonstration component, interactive feature, or entertainment value will be preferred.

Deadline to apply: March 30, 2023

Learn more and apply now here.