ArtsLink NB is excited to announce our participating mentors and mentees for our 2024-25 Mentorship Program!

The selected mentees in 2024-25 are Zack Ingles, Leone Pippard, Sebastian Fleet, Robin Bradshaw, Micheal Wood, Ramneet Kalra, Dan Smeby, Alison Taylor, Dee Olinglass, and Thu Ho.

The mentors that will be working with them are Peter Rowan, Stephen Hutchings, Joel Miller, Heather McCaig, Sheila Watters, Kelly Baker, Maggie Higgins, Amy Stewart, Suzanne Babineau, and Catherine Arseneault.

Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring more about each mentor and mentee and what they’re working on together. The mentorship as part of our program ends in April of 2025.

The mentees in this program are practicing arts professionals who aspire to gain knowledge and skills to expand their current practice. The mentor’s role is to advise on professional activities and guide the mentee in a career-building process through peer-to-peer dialogue.

We look forward to seeing how these collaborations spark new ideas and build creative capacity.