ArtsLink NB is pleased to announce the resident artists for the second Introspect: a nature residency, a biennial residency taking place in Mt. Carleton Provincial Park in partnership with NB Parks.

The artists for 2024 are: Stella d’Entremont, Caoife Garvey, Kaitlin Hoyt, Jaclyn Martinez, and Kim Stillwell.

A program of ArtsLink NB, Introspect is a low-tech residency that allows the artists to focus on the essentials of the creation process.

Distractions are kept to a minimum by limiting the use of screens and other technology, so that the artists can take inspiration from working under the shadow of the mountains.

The artists were selected by a peer jury. They will arrive at the park on June 3rd and stay until June 16th, living in the park’s rustic shelters for the duration.

Open Studio Day

On Saturday, June 15th, from 2pm to 4pm, there will be an Open Studio Day, when members of the public are invited to visit with the artists, ask questions, and see a short presentation about the projects they’ve been working on. Each artist will be working on a personal project, and they will also collaborate on a group project.

The Artists for 2024

Stella d’Entremont

Stella is a dedicated photographer with a rich cultural background.  Born into a French Acadian and fourth generation métis family in the small fishing village of West Pubnico in Southwestern Nova Scotia.  Stella has always had a deep connection to the natural world and a passion for capturing its beauty through the lens of a camera.  

After completing her studies at Chamberlyan Junior College in Boston Massachusetts, Stella continued to develop her skill as a photographer, taking courses and workshops with leading professionals in the field.  Her hard work and dedication paid off as she has now become an Accredited Professional photographer of Canada (PPOC) with five professional accreditations in wildlife, Ornithology/Bird, Nature, Scenic/Pictorial and Fine Art Photography.

Stella’s photography is driven by her desire to tell stories, whether they are about the people she encounters or the stunning landscapes and wildlife she captures.  Her unique perspective, honed through her extensive training, allows her to create images that are both technically sophisticated and emotionally evocative. 

Today, Stella continues to explore new ways to express herself through her photography, constantly pushing the boundaries of her art and striving to capture the beauty and wonders of the world in new and exciting ways.  She is a true master of her craft, and a true inspiration to anyone who is passionate about photography and the art of storytelling

Caoife Garvey

Caoife Garvey is an Irish textile artist and designer currently living in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She specialises in weaving and felting techniques and works primarily with natural fibres such as linen, paper, wool and natural dyes. She uses thoughtfully chosen materials to create woven art pieces and fine craft accessories.

Caoife is a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and currently works there as an instructor in the Foundation Visual Arts and Textile Design programmes. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions around New Brunswick and she has been the recipient of an ArtsNB Creation Grant and the Charlotte Glencross Scholarship offered to an artist who is progressing in their professional development.

Kaitlin Hoyt

Kaitlin Hoyt is a Canadian visual artist who explores themes of connectivity and kinship through whimsical fusions of flora and fauna. Inspired by early scientific illustration and fantastical fairytales, Hoyt combines precise detail with dreamy playfulness that speaks to her fascination in both the natural and imaginary. With acrylic and coloured pencil, her paintings express admiration for nature’s ability to persist and adapt–traits that have driven her own evolving self-taught practice.

Overcoming her fear of painting in 2019, Hoyt has since graduated ArtsLink’s CATAPULT Arts Accelerator, participated in artist residencies including the renowned Kingsbrae International Residency of the Arts, published multiple children’s books, and continues to grow a flourishing audience to which she sells her work world-wide.

Jaclyn Martinez

As a multidisciplinary artist, Jaclyn Martinez presents contemplative stages of transformation and healing. Using her personal experiences and drawing from a collection of ancient representations of women and the feminine, her work weaves a tapestry of symbols from the unconscious realms to interconnect past and present healing modalities which can then be applied to tell personal and collective stories through art.

Jaclyn Martinez lives and works from her home studio in Moncton, New Brunswick. Since moving from Montreal to Moncton, she has received a creation grant from ArtNB, created a mural for Festival Inspire, been featured on the cover of Created Here magazine, taken part in the CATAPULT Arts Accelerator program with Arts Link NB and has been exhibited at the Unified Earth group show at The Ice House Gallery in Nova Scotia. She has completed an artist residency at Gallerie Sans Nom and a group residency with the Mirroir/Mirror festival. She has also developed a workshop that teaches how to connect with personal identities while using mask-making as a healing modality.

Kim Stillwell

Kim Stillwell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick. Traditionally trained as a potter, her need to create and explore has led to a strong self taught practice through many mediums such as jewelry and visual arts. Her work takes shape in many forms such as functional and decorative ceramics, metal clay jewelry, painting and textile art.

She is deeply influenced by New Brunswick nature, which her markings, imagery and colors reflect a poetic take on her experiences in the Maritimes. Translating into visuals of local landscape, waterways, flora and fauna. Graduating from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with a Certificate in Ceramics in 1994, and again in 2023 from the Textile Program. Kim participates in artisan shows, artist residencies and creates within her family run art studio Ridge Works Studio.