As members of the arts community in the Greater Fredericton Area, we write to express our enthusiastic support for the new Performing Arts Centre (PAC) that is proposed to replace the much-loved but failing Playhouse. Many of us are practicing artists who have performed at the Playhouse, including Juno and ECMA Award-winning musicians and actors on international stages; some of us lead local or provincial organizations that help the creative arts thrive, including those that rely on the Playhouse as a venue to present performances and events. All of us recognize that a professional facility such as the Playhouse is an indispensable component of this vibrant city’s cultural life. Fredericton would be a much lesser place without it. 

As a community, we count on the Playhouse to present the best available performing artists in music, theatre, dance, comedy, and more; we also count on it to provide space where our own, home-grown artists, musicians, dancers, theatre companies – whether youthful or seasoned, amateur or professional – can create and present their work. It is a place where we gather to celebrate creativity, to connect with each other, and to enjoy an enhanced quality of life.  

However, while it has served us well for several decades, the Playhouse is now beyond its useful life; its design and condition make refurbishing it unfeasible. We cannot lose this valuable community asset. It must be replaced.  

The leaders at the Fredericton Playhouse and the City of Fredericton have a bold plan to build a new PAC to replace the current facility. Like the dozens of downtown businesses that signed a similar joint letter last Spring, we fully support this plan to invest in cultural infrastructure in our region – a plan that will build on the Playhouse’s record of success and take it to a new level by providing greater capacity, increased versatility, better functionality, and an improved audience experience. 

The City of Fredericton has identified this project as its top priority for new infrastructure, committing $14 million to its construction and commissioning a design for the new facility. We encourage other levels of government to do their part to make the PAC a reality by providing the necessary funding to build it.  

As we embark on our collective recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on the performing arts, the PAC will be a most welcome investment. We urge all levels of government to work in partnership with each other and the community to address this urgent priority for our cultural sector.  

Yours sincerely,  

Judie Acquin-Miksovsky Indigenous Artist 
Zach Atkinson Coordinator, Shivering Songs Festival 
John Ball Actor, Theatre Director, and Chair, UNB Dept. of English 
Jarrett Bartlett Musician, Sound Engineer 
Don Bossé Director of STU Jazz, Music Educator 
Mike Bravener Musician, Performer 
Tania Breen Director, Performer, and Professor, STU Fine Arts 
Measha Brueggergosman-Lee Performer, Soprano 
Wayne Burley Former President, Fredericton Playhouse 
Marshall Button Actor, Playwright, Director; Artist-in-Residence, Capitol Theatre 
Paul Campbell CEO, Downtown Blues Band 
Matt Carter Editor, Grid City Magazine 
Emma Chevarie Founder and CEO, Music Runs Through It 
Sarah Clarke-Rowinski Director, X-treme Dance Studio 
Michelle Daigle and Don Rigley Performers, Frantically Atlantic Entertainment 
Leslee Dell Director, Dance Fredericton 
Sally Dibblee Singer, Teacher, Conductor 
Mike Doherty Composer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Conductor 
Jo-Anne Elder Writer, Translator, and Chair, Word Feast Literary Society  
Len Falkenstein Artistic Director, Bard in the Barracks and NotaBle Acts Summer Theatre Festival  
Katie FitzRandolph President, Fredericton Arts Alliance 
Pat Flanagan Musician 
Jason Flores Bassist, Montgomery Street Band 
Norm Foster Playwright 
Heather Fyffe Conductor, F’ton Choral Society; Director, F’ton Concert and Marching Band 
Cheryl Gillespie President, Fredericton Music Teachers Association 
Ryan Griffith Playwright and Artistic Director, Next Folding Theatre Co. 
Garry Hansen Musician 
Tristan Horncastle Artist 
Richard Hornsby Director, Fredericton Symphony Orchestra and NB Summer Music Festival 
Tom Hoyt Producer, New Brunswick Country Showcase 
David Huebert Author and Co-Director of Creative Writing, UNB 
Mike Johnston Former Technical Director, Theatre UNB and Memorial Hall 
Bonnie Kilburn Dance School Director  
Andy, Olivia, and Graysen LaPointe Performers 
Sharisse LeBrun Artist and Director, TNB Theatre School 
Tony LePage Broadway Actor, Come from Away, Rock of Ages 
John Leroux Manager of Collections and Exhibitions, Beaverbrook Art Gallery 
Ian LeTourneau Former Cultural Laureate of Fredericton; Founder, Word Feast 
Trent Logan Technical Director, Theatre UNB and Memorial Hall 
Natasha MacLellan Artistic and Executive Director, Theatre New Brunswick 
Marie Maltais Director, UNB Art Centre 
Julie Maston President, Fredericton Music Festival 
Tony Merzetti Executive Director, New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative 
Andrew Reed Miller Musician and Composer 
Joel Miller Artist 
Gina Moreno President, Filipino-Canadian CommUNITY of New Brunswick 
Michael Morrison National Blogger 
James Mullinger Performing Artist 
David Myles Musician, Singer/Songwriter 
Carolyn Nielsen Vocalist, Bel Canto Singers 
Tim Rayne Filmmaker 
Jeff Richardson General Manager, Harvest Music Festival 
Lisa Anne Ross Director, Solo Chicken Theatre Co. and Coordinator, Black Box Theatre 
Chris Saad Technical Director, Theatre St. Thomas and Black Box Theatre 
Peter Sametz Director of Operations, Symphony New Brunswick 
Samaqani Cocahq-Natalie Sappier Wolastoqiyik Indigenous Artist 
Judy Joe Scheffler Stage Manager and Technical Theatre Instructor, UNB 
Terry Seguin Former CBC Host 
Anne Sessa Director, Camerata Singers 
Philip Sexsmith Founding Director, Characters Incorporated 
Ilkay Silk, OC Theatre Director 
Sue Sinclair Editor, The Fiddlehead, and Co-Director of Creative Writing, UNB 
Ben Smith Artistic Director, Impulse Productions 
Brent Staeben, ONB Artistic Director, Harvest Music Festival  
Courtney Steeves Executive Director, Charlotte Street Arts Centre 
Krista Touesnard Musician and Music Educator 
Jordan Trethewey Poet Laureate, City of Fredericton 
Madhu Verma Founding Chair, Asian Heritage Society of New Brunswick 
Kelly Waterhouse Musician and Music Educator 
Greg Webber Musician, Kill Chicago 
Julie Whitenect Executive Director, ArtsLink NB 
Shawn Wright Actor and Playwright 
Zhenyong Yang President, Chinese Cultural Association of New Brunswick 
Eddie Young Founder, Roots & Soul Music Promotions 
Nick Zildjian CEO, FMZ Productions Inc. 
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