Heartfelt Greetings today from Sunbury Shores to All the Folks that Keep Us Thriving:

Our Onlookers and Art-Lovers, Entre-preneurs and Entre-Donneurs, Volunteers of Vision, Animal Nations, Rooted Nations, Nations of the Sea, the Peskotomuhkati Past, Present, and Future, All of us Together with Our Many Stories.

Egret Love (picture above) by Jerome Andrews of Deer Island, and now on exhibit in the Centre’s back gallery, reaches out to celebrate just this kind of inter-species friendship: Whose Water Are You?

Half way through the Dog Days, so much has happened within and without our doors, a feeling we can all relate to! Even still, there is so much more to come here in our lovely village, and at our beloved Arts Centre.

As you read along with us today, we hope the wind brings you through our doors sooner rather than later, in good health and with good spirits.


(23 July 2021, Saint Andrews, NB) Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre has completed its search for a new Artistic Director. According to SSANC Board President, Catherine Hamilton, the Board is thrilled to announce that Joel Mason, PhD, assumed the role earlier this month.

“Joel Mason brings significant experience as an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, community finance strategist, and curator, and we are very excited to see how that experience will inform the future artistic direction of the Centre”, she says.

Find the full press release HERE

Helen Shideler: The Joy of Colour: Working with Watercolour | July 26 – 30

Matt Watkins: Figure Drawing Summer Class | Saturday Evenings, July 31 – August 28

David Reeves: Alla Prima Oil Painting Without Toxic Solvents | August 3 – 5

Stephen Hutchings: Generous Feedback That Launches You Forward (IPC) | August 20 – 22

More Details | Book Online or give us a call at (506) 529-3386!

A new series at Sunbury, Visiting Fragments, asks visiting artists to create ‘resonant responses’ to works by local artists.

VIDEO: “Joel Gorrie (Cello/Montreal) meets Jerome Andrews (Acrylic/Deer Island).”

A new conversation series:

Panolamson: The Wind Blows Unobstructed

where people from the Sunbury Shores community interview beautiful folks working in art and community 

ABOVE: Watch Joel Interview Stephen Hutchings about “Generous Feedback that Launches You Forward

Internationally Renowned New Brunswick-based artist Stephen Hutchings is coming to Sunbury Shores! 

How do we circle back around our own practices to see what is actually happening? How does guided reflection give us access to new artistic futures?

In this IPC workshop (In Process Creative), Hutchings will teach participants how to give and receive Generous Feedback that Launches Artistic Practices Forward (see above interview to hear it in Stephen’s words). This 3-day weekend class is made accessible to artists through the smart deep work of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. Perfect as a gift to yourself or a friend, to anyone who wants to encourage the evolution of their work.

Date: August 20-22, 2021
Cost: $150
Suitability: For Artists with an Active Practice in Any Medium

Click Here to Sign Up (Spots Limited)

*IPC is an endeavour conceived by Brigitte Clavette while teaching at Sunbury Shores, with the thought to give artists the space, time, and support to encounter their own work through the lens of process and with the help of fellow artists.

An emergent and non-competitive take on Plein Air, Ecology Interrupts Me/L’ecologie m’interrompt invites all to contemplate their selves and their work as always already an inseparable part of NATURE.

Are you a Plein Air artist interested in participating? Contact Joel at director@sunburyshores.org or call (506) 529-3386

Bone Black Ink, a print collective, is offering up memories of Beach Walks in their latest creative endeavour. You can find their latest handmade lino cut original strings ON OUR WEBSITE or at St Andrews Thursday Markets. Each Beach Walk sale helps support programming at Sunbury Shores.

Aleah Chapin Brings Generosity of Light and Pedagogy to Sunbury Shores

Aleah Chapin came (virtually) to Sunbury Shores this past week to teach students as part of our Critically Acclaimed Artist Program (CAAP). For 5 days, Aleah led the class through an exploration entitled “Figure Painting: Images That Live,” with on the ground facilitation from interdisciplinary artist Ann Manuel, and tech support from emerging artist James Whitehead.

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