Centre Culturel de Kent-Sud is an establishment that reunites local artists and the citizens of Kent-Sud. In a town-owned building in Bouctouche, they operate an arts and crafts boutique supporting over 80 local artists as well as a coffee shop where they serve meals made with food from local providers.

All throughout the summer this year, they will have indoor concerts starring acadian artists at the salle multifonctionnelle located atop the coffee shop. As well, they’re hosting the annual ÉcoFestival from September 10th to 12th which consists of workshops, concerts and exhibitions. This year’s theme is textile arts. 

Centre Culturel de Kent-Sud is currently working on a project called ‘Tourner 7 fois sa langue’: 7 short films featuring a mix of professional artists and citizens of Kent-Sud.

Additionally, the Marie-Hélène-Allain Gallery is currently showing the late Ghislaine Mclaughlin’s art. 

Centre Culturel de Kent-Sud did a call for artists submissions this past spring and currently have exhibitions reserved until May 2023. All of the exhibitions for the rest of the 2021-2022 season will revolve around women artists. 

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