“ Writing a grant is not the time to unleash your creativity. It’s a practical art, a pragmatic art. You want someone to give you money. ”

This is not the time to unleash your creativity. The goal is to be:

Clear, concise, simple, and professional.


Write five words that describe your work

The goal is for someone who doesn’t know you, to understand.


Write Two Sentences that describe your work.

You can pack a lot in two sentences, work at it. The goal is to what you want to sound interesting and stand out. How do I interest my peers? Get them wanting more. Aim somewhere between technical and fluffy. It is important to look at your writing critically.

What is relevant to this proposal/project/grant?

Consider: Being a Juror

  • You review a large number of applications, You want to see the funds go the furthest.
  • A ‘creative’ application is not welcome
  • The clearer, simpler more purposeful the better
  • Do not waste their time
  • Accessible applications are memorable

“You want to do what they ask you to do”


FOLLOW THE RULES, Read the guidelines carefully

It’s easy to get lost and discouraged by the process. Do not take it personally. Have others review your writing.


  • Invest in your images.
  • Look professional.
  • Be Serious.
  • Find help.
  • Granting officers are great resources
  • Get feedback after applying

The jury is interested in you as a professional artists, look professional.

  • Your proposal and CV will be photocopied
  • Clean design, plain paper
  • Straight forward, not slick
  • How things appear on the page is important

Additional reading:

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