Deadline: June 8 (Extended deadline)

Novel Excerpt + Creative Nonfiction Submissions

Text says: Voyage YA Anthology Contest

Currently they are accepting Novel Excerpts and Creative Nonfiction Submissions through June 8 (at 11:59 p.m. PDT).

The anthology will be edited by the Voyage editorial staff, and they will soon announce the contributing author who will share publication space with all of the emerging voices coming through their submissions.

Novel Excerpt: It’s that wonderful time of year when books are forged from the creative energy brought on by springtime. They want to see all that hard effort rewarded, and they warmly invite you to send them your favorite chapters from your novels! Roll up your sleeves, write relentlessly, and send them your best!

Have you written a gripping and captivating YA novel? Enter their Novel Excerpt Contest for a chance to showcase your talent! They warmly invite you to send them your favorite chapters from your YA novels! They want the chapter that makes them hungry for the rest of the book, that makes them desperate to spend more time in the world of your creation!

They’re so excited to read your submissions and to discover all the wonderful books waiting for their readers!

Make submissions here.

Creative Nonfiction: There’s no story like a true story! Do you have a creative nonfiction piece that speaks to the teen experience, and is told from a teenager’s point of view? They’d love to read it!

Submitting to their Creative Nonfiction Prize gives you a chance to showcase your unique voice and perspective! They are looking for personal stories that capture the nature of the teen experience. True stories that read like fiction are preferred. They read widely in YA, and they’re simply looking for a well-told personal story.

Make submissions here.

For the anthology, they are flexible with the number of winners, but all contributors will be compensated accordingly:

Novel Excerpts: $800

Creative Nonfiction: $500

Learn more here.