The Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference (ARCA) is seeking applicants for the position of Executive Director.

Established in 2004, ARCA represents some 180 artist-run centres and collectives across Canada, working directly with the nine associations of artist-run centres that form its membership. ARCA works to connect and support its national artist-run community and advocates on their behalf on issues of common concern.

The ideal candidate is independently motivated and brings an in-depth knowledge of the cultural and political issues relevant to the Canadian artist-run milieu. The candidate has experience in the successful management of a not-for-profit organization, is particularly good at interpersonal relations, consensus building, and negotiation, and is committed to gender equity and antiracism. The candidate is flexible and can manage several files simultaneously. The candidate excels in communications and is fluent in both official languages.

Reporting to, and working in close collaboration with ARCA’s Board of Directors, the responsibilities of the Executive Director include:
  • Directing the organization and supervising all of ARCA’s activities, in continual dialogue with its members;
  • Acting as the organization’s spokesperson, representing the organization to stakeholders and beneficiaries, and drafting letters, media releases and other communications;
  • Working alongside the board of directors to determine the organization’s strategic priorities and action plan, and supervising their implementation;
  • Participating in the organization’s meetings, and preparing and delivering reports to the Board on the organization’s activities and finances;
  • Identifying and preparing grant applications to government, paragovernmental, private, and other partners with an emphasis on diversifying revenue sources for ARCA’s long-term sustainability, and preparing and submitting subsequent grant reports as required;
  • Working with the Board Treasurer, preparing annual budgets with quarterly updates; supervising production of the annual financial report, and ensuring fulfillment of other legal obligations of the organization;
  • Planning, producing, and supervising the production of research and other specialized resources for the benefit of the membership; and
  • Planning biennial national conferences in partnership with the host region (the conference planned in 2020 was postponed and will be delivered in 2021), and planning regional or community meetings in partnership with ad hoc initiatives.
This is a full-time position averaging 35 hours/week with a base salary set at $42,000 annually. The place of work is to be determined.

The application deadline is July 14, 2020.

Please submit your letter of interest (two pages maximum), with resume and references, to the hiring committee via email at cv@arca.art. More information about ARCA can be found on their website.

ARCA acknowledges the barriers within the artist-run sector and their organization that affect applicants from equity-seeking groups. They encourage applications from people historically underrepresented in their sector, more specifically, people who identify as gender diverse, Queer, 2-spirit, Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Official-Language Minority, and Persons with Disabilities. ARCA is committed to providing a safer and supportive work environment that mitigates barriers to equity and the challenges of precarious labour.