Jill Higgins Icons: New Brunswick

Opening online August 1 st and in store August 3 rd

JULY 29 2021

A year after our first “Covid-19” exhibition, which featured a new online format of art opening, Jill Higgins is revisiting her “Icons” series.

Jill has pulled focus to our beautiful province in capturing iconic New Brunswick scenes, celebrating primarily the summer season and what often creates the best memories.

“These paintings, these are my summers. This is my cottage.” Jill Higgins. Many of the images are from locations that Jill has a very personal attachment to.

From boats to bonfires, you’ll find Jill has stayed true to her distinct style and palette, using a thick stroke impasto technique. The blasts of fuchsia and turquoise within the compositions have become a signature accent in Jill’s work.

“Last year we released freshly finished paintings one at time over 30 days, with Jill bringing in the works every couple days. They were a little tricky to handle, but the response was amazing. A lot of attention was on New Brunswick over the pandemic, and Jill’s work was collected all over the country by people wanting to have a little piece of this beautiful place. This year, with the long weekend, we both agreed that celebrating our province would be best launched on New
Brunswick Day. Most of our clients got very comfortable viewing art shows online and so we’re that’s where we’re opening the show first. It will be accessible to all on August 1 st , from the website. There’s also a 3D gallery that everyone can check out and get a sense of the works’ scale. Then when we reopen on Tuesday, the 3 rd , we welcome everyone to come visit us in person.” Elizabeth Cook, owner of Handworks Gallery.

For anyone passing by, there are posters with QR codes to scan that will take them directly to the exhibition page. Many of Jills works will be placed in the gallery windows for the long weekend.

Handworks Gallery is located at 12 King Street in Saint John, NB. Jill’s works, and other pieces by Maritime artists, can be found at Handworks.ca

Spotlight: Saint John Arts Centre

The Saint John Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary venue, dedicated to serving the community through arts, educational and cultural programming accessible to all. They strive to be an innovative showcase for all forms of creative expression and multidisciplinary thought.

The SJAC is very busy this summer hosting multiple exhibitions, workshops, and more.

From July 9 to September 3, 2021 the SJAC will show a few different exhibitions every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm. 

These include: 

Fibre Art Network, ‘20/20 Vision’ in the Port Saint John Gallery, showing art quilts by a collective of fibre artists from Western Canada. 

Alan Grabelsky, ‘Love Songs: A Journal of Fateful Encounters’ in the City Gallery, showing a series of serigraphs.

‘Creative Aging: An Art4Life and UNB Project’ in the Upstairs galleries, showing a large show of works by local seniors who participated in a research project about the effects of art activities on health/wellness in senior populations. 

Admission is free for all galleries, though any donations are gratefully accepted. 

As well, the SJAC and the Saint John Early Music Festival are proud to present a sixth year of the Summer Classics Series, a series of lunchtime classical concerts offered through the summer on Wednesdays in July & August at 12:15 pm (July 7 – August 18). All are welcome, admission is by freewill offering. This series is sponsored by Emera New Brunswick, The City of Saint John Community Arts Funding, and the Province of New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture.

Finally, the SJAC is offering a few different workshops this summer, including:

Animal Sculpture in Clay, a four-day workshop where Melissa Kennedy will share her expertise with her students on August 9, 10, 11, and 21 (TBD, based on group needs for finishing), 2021. 

Drawing: Classical Portraiture, a weekend of classes taught by Melissa Kennedy, as she instructs participants in portrait drawing with a live model on Friday, August 13 and Saturday, August 14, 2021.

SPaRT! Summer Camp (Sports/Participation/Art/Recreation/Together!), a fun-filled week of art and recreation designed to foster your child’s creativity and physical activity through the arts, swimming at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre and other fun adventures around town happening August 9 to 13, 2021 (Mon-Fri) 9am to 4pm.

Artists are encouraged to apply to have their work shown in the SJAC galleries at any time, with the goal that the SJAC’s selection committee will meet twice a year on or around April 30th and October 30th.

You can submit your application here:


Visit Saint John Arts Centre’s website here:


Visit the SJAC’s social media pages here: Instagram and Facebook

Sign ups are officially open for our first One 2 One series: Accounting!

Sign up here: https://doodle.com/poll/iu5ci34nrbfqdc6w?utm_source=poll&utm_medium=link

Spots are limited: first come first serve! Please only sign up if you can attend the weekend sessions as well.

Our first One 2 One series will have you working directly with an accountant to develop your accounting system and establish a regular process for updating your finances. You will have a 30 minute consultation session with Owen Green, CPA, where he will assess your financial needs and identify specific opportunities to help you.

Time slots for initial consultation available (in person or through Zoom): 

Monday, August 9: 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm

Tuesday, August 10: 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

These will be followed by 3 in person half day weekend group sessions:

1- Financial Budgeting (August 22, 12 pm to 3 pm)

2- System set-up (August 28, 12 pm to 3 pm)

3- Establishing a process (August 29, 12 pm to 3 pm).

The consultant will provide weekly 15 minute check-ins with the participants between sessions and a final 30 minute debrief after the final session to be scheduled after the final session.

Whose Water Are You? – NEWSLETTER | July 23rd, 2021 | SSANC

Heartfelt Greetings today from Sunbury Shores to All the Folks that Keep Us Thriving:

Our Onlookers and Art-Lovers, Entre-preneurs and Entre-Donneurs, Volunteers of Vision, Animal Nations, Rooted Nations, Nations of the Sea, the Peskotomuhkati Past, Present, and Future, All of us Together with Our Many Stories.

Egret Love (picture above) by Jerome Andrews of Deer Island, and now on exhibit in the Centre’s back gallery, reaches out to celebrate just this kind of inter-species friendship: Whose Water Are You?

Half way through the Dog Days, so much has happened within and without our doors, a feeling we can all relate to! Even still, there is so much more to come here in our lovely village, and at our beloved Arts Centre.

As you read along with us today, we hope the wind brings you through our doors sooner rather than later, in good health and with good spirits.


(23 July 2021, Saint Andrews, NB) Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre has completed its search for a new Artistic Director. According to SSANC Board President, Catherine Hamilton, the Board is thrilled to announce that Joel Mason, PhD, assumed the role earlier this month.

“Joel Mason brings significant experience as an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, community finance strategist, and curator, and we are very excited to see how that experience will inform the future artistic direction of the Centre”, she says.

Find the full press release HERE

Helen Shideler: The Joy of Colour: Working with Watercolour | July 26 – 30

Matt Watkins: Figure Drawing Summer Class | Saturday Evenings, July 31 – August 28

David Reeves: Alla Prima Oil Painting Without Toxic Solvents | August 3 – 5

Stephen Hutchings: Generous Feedback That Launches You Forward (IPC) | August 20 – 22

More Details | Book Online or give us a call at (506) 529-3386!

A new series at Sunbury, Visiting Fragments, asks visiting artists to create ‘resonant responses’ to works by local artists.

VIDEO: “Joel Gorrie (Cello/Montreal) meets Jerome Andrews (Acrylic/Deer Island).”

A new conversation series:

Panolamson: The Wind Blows Unobstructed

where people from the Sunbury Shores community interview beautiful folks working in art and community 

ABOVE: Watch Joel Interview Stephen Hutchings about “Generous Feedback that Launches You Forward

Internationally Renowned New Brunswick-based artist Stephen Hutchings is coming to Sunbury Shores! 

How do we circle back around our own practices to see what is actually happening? How does guided reflection give us access to new artistic futures?

In this IPC workshop (In Process Creative), Hutchings will teach participants how to give and receive Generous Feedback that Launches Artistic Practices Forward (see above interview to hear it in Stephen’s words). This 3-day weekend class is made accessible to artists through the smart deep work of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. Perfect as a gift to yourself or a friend, to anyone who wants to encourage the evolution of their work.

Date: August 20-22, 2021
Cost: $150
Suitability: For Artists with an Active Practice in Any Medium

Click Here to Sign Up (Spots Limited)

*IPC is an endeavour conceived by Brigitte Clavette while teaching at Sunbury Shores, with the thought to give artists the space, time, and support to encounter their own work through the lens of process and with the help of fellow artists.

An emergent and non-competitive take on Plein Air, Ecology Interrupts Me/L’ecologie m’interrompt invites all to contemplate their selves and their work as always already an inseparable part of NATURE.

Are you a Plein Air artist interested in participating? Contact Joel at director@sunburyshores.org or call (506) 529-3386

Bone Black Ink, a print collective, is offering up memories of Beach Walks in their latest creative endeavour. You can find their latest handmade lino cut original strings ON OUR WEBSITE or at St Andrews Thursday Markets. Each Beach Walk sale helps support programming at Sunbury Shores.

Aleah Chapin Brings Generosity of Light and Pedagogy to Sunbury Shores

Aleah Chapin came (virtually) to Sunbury Shores this past week to teach students as part of our Critically Acclaimed Artist Program (CAAP). For 5 days, Aleah led the class through an exploration entitled “Figure Painting: Images That Live,” with on the ground facilitation from interdisciplinary artist Ann Manuel, and tech support from emerging artist James Whitehead.

Follow our Instagram account (@sunburyshores) for day-to-day perspectives on art, community, ecology, and the life of sociality. 

We post alerts for pop-up events, local and international art news, new digital initiatives like Visiting Fragments, and interviews with fabulous artists and artistic thinkers, as with Stephen Hutchings, exampled above.

The List: 23 July 2021 – AGAVF

The List: July 23, 2021

The List presents the events of the members of the Association des groups en arts visuels francophones ( AGAVF ), that is to say fifteen artist-run centers and galleries across Canada, and compiles calls for submissions in visual arts, media arts, performance, art. public, residences aimed at artists and curators.

News from AGAVF:

Land to cross: Zine new generation

The AGAVF is pleased to publish New Generation: Laboratoire 27.01.2019, Ottawa , a zine that promotes emerging Francophone artists and curators from 7 Canadian provinces. This joint publication initiative, carried out as part of the Forum 2019 Trajectories in Ottawa on January 27 and that marked the 20th anniversary of AGAVF brings together the voices of 22 artists and curators. The zine, printed in five hundred copies, is part of the comfort package sent to delegates from Terres à travers, the ARCA national conference, organized this year by the Association of Artist-Run Centers of Alberta, and is one of the activities of the program presented in French. READ MORE

Lands to cross: Round table

The AGAVF is proud to present the Round Table Contextualizations: development of the NO Network as part of the Terres à travers conference on Thursday, August 5, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (HAR) which aims to inform the delegates of the Conference of the approach of the networking project, and its achievements since its creation. In the spring of 2017 in Edmonton, the Société francophone des arts visuels de l’Alberta and the Sans-Atelier collective (Sask.), Supported by the AGAVF, invited artist-run centers, galleries and cultural associations from the West and the North of the country to meet. The purpose of the meeting was to reflect on a common initiative that would highlight the work of Francophone visual artists in these regions of Canada. READ MORE

Programming of AGAVF members

House of French-speaking visual artists (Saint-Boniface)

Chris Dorosz – House of Dark Matter
June 10 to August 21, 2021

Nichol Marsch – Subjects
August 5 to 21, 2021

101-219, boulevard Provencher
Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Alberta Visual Arts Center (Edmonton)

Anne Brochu Lambert, Marie-Hélène Comeau, Virginie Hamel, Patricia Lortie, Michèle Mackasey, Laura St. Pierre and Josée Thibeault – Presence of women
from June 30 to August 28, 2021
9103 95th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

Visual Voice Artist Center (Ottawa)

Unsplash challenge
Virtual exhibition
from July 15, 2021 on Instagram
67 Beechwood Ave
Vanier, Ontario

Blue constellation-Galerie Bernard-Jean (Caraquet)

Julie Caissie – Common horizon (s)
July 15 to August 30, 2021
220, boul. Saint-Pierre West
Caraquet, New Brunswick

Le Trécarré (Pointe-de-l’Eglise)

Nadine Belliveau, Dany Sheehy, Jane Melanson, Diane Nadon, Denise Comeau, Claude Thériault, Amy Paradis, Jennie Morrow, Jan Swaren, Dianne Surette, Liz Lore, Noella DeMille, Nadine Blinn, Angélina Comeau, Mona Mc Donald, Claude Chaloux and Jay LeBlanc – On Y R’Baille
in July and August 2021
Sainte-Anne University, Nova Scotia

Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton)

Afterimages on a bicycle
July 25, August 22 and 29

140, rue Botsford, room 16
Moncton, New Brunswick

Acadian Association of Professional Artists of New Brunswick

Watch the Éloizes evening
presented on Tou.TV for the next yearleseloizes.ca

House of French-speaking visual artists (Saint-Boniface)

Chris Dorosz – House of Dark Matter / Dark House Matter
June 10 to August 21, 2021

101-219, boulevard Provencher
Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury)

Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi – Tenderly Coded
home residence
July and August 2021

Back to Capturing optical frequencies by Sophie Castonguay – text by Erin Gee, titled “Listening to the languages ​​of matter electronically”

54 Elgin Street
Sudbury, Ontario

Le Labo (Toronto)

Paul Walty, Geneviève Thauvette, Joseph Muscat, Claude Martel, Pascaline Lebras, Samuel Choisy – Virtual exhibition of the artists of the Lab, during the Scotiabank Contact 2021 festival –
Look back to move forward
Opening talk on our facebook page


Calls for submissions


Terres à traverser – A gathering of artist-run centers – August 3 to 8, 2021

1.Calls in French from Canada

Sporobole – Sherbrooke – September 20
Revue Ancrages – Acadie – August 15 and November 15
Audio station – Galerie Clark – Montreal – August 15
Lab_artenso – Montreal – August 31
The print shop window – Montreal – September 6
Beauce Art – September 2
International miniature digital print exhibition – Voix Visuelle – Vanier – August 15

2.Calls in English from Canada

Critical Mass x 4 – Port Hope – August 8
Images Festival – Toronto – October 15
The James Black Gallery – August 1
Available Light On-Demand – Yukon, TNO, Nunavut – September 15
Temporary Mural at Daniels Building, University of Toronto – July 31
I SPY – UNIT / PITT / July 26
New Works Grants – August 1
International digital art miniprint exhibition – Vanier – August 15

3.international calls

New Technolgy – August 31
Critical Coding Cookbook – August 15
International Meetings Paris / Berlin 2022 – July 31
Survival Tools in the Age of Ultra Anxiety – August 2
Nomadic artist residencies / La Serre – living arts – August 8
Phileas – a fund for contemporary – Vienna – September 10


Doris McCarthy Artist-in-Residence Program – Toronto – September 30

5.public art

Call for Mural Artists for Haliburton’s Wall of Sports Heroes – Dysart – August 13
Town of Banff – August 6
10 Year Commemorative Commission – Woodstock Hospital – August 9
Portal in the community of Vanier – July 26
BUGA 23 – in progress

6.for commissioners

Managing Director of East-North-East – August 30
Artistic Director of East-North-East – August 30
General Manager – Center Caravansérail – Rimouski – July 25
Associate director: collections – Vancouver – September 3
Project coordination – Atlantic Association of artist-run centers (Atlantis) – August 3
aboriginal curator – Galerie Clark – Montreal – August 15Owens Art Gallery’s team as our Colville House Curatorial Intern – Sackville – August 3
Gallery Coordinator – fifty fifty arts collective Toronto – July 31
Assistant curator – Capture Photography Festivals – Vancouver – July 23

details on agavf.ca

One 2 One: Setting Up Your Accounting

Our first One 2 One series will have you working directly with an accountant to develop your accounting system and establish a regular process for updating your finances. You will have a 30 minute consultation session with Owen Green, CPA, where he will assess your financial needs and identify specific opportunities to help you.

Time slots for initial consultation available (in person or through Zoom): 

Monday, August 9: 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm

Tuesday, August 10: 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

These will be followed by 3 in person half day weekend group sessions:

1- Financial Budgeting (August 22, 12 pm to 3 pm)

2- System set-up (August 28, 12 pm to 3 pm)

3- Establishing a process (August 29, 12 pm to 3 pm)

The consultant will provide weekly 15 minute check-ins with the participants between sessions and a final 30 minute debrief after the final session to be scheduled after the final session.

Sign ups open on Wednesday, July 28. Spots are limited: first come first serve! Please only sign up if you can attend the weekend sessions as well.

About One 2 One: Starting in August, ArtsLink NB will offer artists and arts administrators a number of individualized consultations. These one on one sessions will be led by key experts in a variety of topics relevant to making a living in the arts, including:

• Canada Council funding for groups and individuals
• Budgeting and financial management
• Taxes for artists, self-employment, small business income
• Writing for professionals: artist statements, finding your voice, editing
• Proposal overview and project critique

Zine of the New Generation: interview with Rémi Belliveau

The Association of Francophone Visual Arts Groups (AGAVF) is pleased to publish New Generation: Laboratoire 27.01.2019, Ottawa , a zine that promotes emerging Francophone artists and curators from 7 Canadian provinces. This collective publication initiative, carried out as part of the 2019 Trajectories Forum held in Ottawa on January 27, and which marked the 20th anniversary of the AGAVF, brings together the voices of 22 artists and curators. The zine, printed in five hundred copies, is part of the comfort package sent to delegates from Terres à travers, the ARCA national conference, organized this year by the Association of Artist-Run Centers of Alberta, and is one of the activities of the program presented in French.

<register for Terres à traverser

This zine, New Generation: Laboratoire 27.01.2019, Ottawa , ephemeral, perishable document, easy to reproduce and always in draft form, seeks to bear witness to the discussions held by the delegates of the new generation of AGAVF members during the Laboratory living of the Trajectoires Forum 2019 . This laboratory was, above all, a networking opportunity and, for many, it was the first contact with the national network of AGAVF. The Laboratory gave the delegates the opportunity to present their artistic and administrative work, and also to meet around a discussion on the challenges faced by the new generation. This discussion sought to chart new trajectories for AGAVF.

Also, discussions around more or less long-term pan-Canadian initiatives have been initiated and many wish to continue the conversation. The impact of the Ford government’s cuts on the Ontario Francophonie also mobilized discussions. The pros and cons of publishing a manifesto at the exit of the Forum have been weighed and finally transformed into personal statements that constitute the images and words assembled here. A manifest? Possibly; but certainly, a manifestation of the exchanges crossed by the amalgam of worries, doubts, certainties and common wills. This document is built with several voices which are interwoven in the fabric of our possibilities of encounter, of our common experience as a generation and as a multitude.

On July 9, Anne Bertrand, communications manager at AGAVF, spoke with Rémi Belliveau, artist and candidate this year for the Sobey Prize, as well as president of AGAVF, to learn more about the production context of the zine, and imagine the impact of this networking experience on his artistic practice and that of the participating artists on the AGAVF and on the French-speaking artistic community in Canada.

artist and president of AGAVF

The AGAVF : You participated in a forum which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the AGAVF on the occasion of which members of the new generation gathered to take and assert a position in the form of a zine / manifesto. In terms of political representation, how can this personal artistic approach be reconciled with the need for a structured and concerted organization?

Rémi Belliveau : In my opinion, more conceptual and / or affective approaches have as much scope as the rational approaches that are normally favored in political language, such as statistics, case studies, viewing exercises, etc. (which are useful anyway). The zine may be conceptual in its form, but above all it contains the feelings of a new generation who dreams of better conditions for artistic creation in French outside Quebec. That’s the strength of this zine I believe – it contains our real desires as we feel them. No sugar coating.

In your opinion, where are the participants in this trajectory, two years later?

RB : Hard to know. We discussed very large issues, such as the lack of post-secondary education in visual and media arts in francophone communities, and since our meeting, the health record of francophone universities in Ontario has deteriorated. It’s not encouraging, but the people who contributed to the zine were writing very enthusiastically. Me that motivates me. I feel like things have improved elsewhere, even if only in our ability to work together as a group, because since the meeting many of us have kept bonds.

And, as president of AGAVF, are you in a position to talk about the impact of this meeting?

RB : The networking was fantastic. For us who live in the East of the country, we were very excited to see so many young Francophones from the West and the Prairies. It is these pan-Canadian ties that have endured, but I would go even further to say that most of us have become friends, that our relationships have been forged closer over time, over time. beyond a simply professional relationship. We are connected on social networks. We support each other in our artistic projects. And besides, I can’t wait to read Alasdair Rees’ collection of poetry which has just been published!

I recognize that the pandemic will have disrupted business, among other things, your exhibition at UQAM. Did this group stay in touch despite this interruption?

RB : The larger group has not formally kept in touch, but a number of members do. During the pandemic, a few of us were part of the editorial committee of the FR magazine which will be launched on September 16, as part of Zones théatrales (Zoé Fortier, Alasdair Rees and myself) and others participated as contributor-author to the review (Elise Anne LaPlante) or as an artist (Annie France Noël).

read the zine

Rémi Belliveau is an interdisciplinary artist and an Acadian musician from Belliveau-Village (Vallée de Memramcook, NB), an Acadian hamlet located on the Mi’kma’ki, an ancestral territory not ceded from the Mi’kmaq people. Since 2012, his work has been presented in several exhibition contexts in the Maritimes and in Quebec. In parallel with his artistic practice, he co-directed Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton) with Annie France Noël (2014 to 2018), twice played the role of (co) curator (2015, 2018), was in charge of of courses at the Université de Moncton (2017) and contributed texts to the journal Canadian Art.

Spotlight: Charlotte Street Arts Centre

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is a unique community in Fredericton that sustains, promotes and develops the arts by providing access to an essential hub of professional resources, facilities and dynamic programming within the New Brunswick community, and strives to make arts experiences available to all. 

As with any charitable non-profit, CSAC is continuously fundraising to provide quality programming and services. This summer, they have several exciting camps, events, and showcases happening.

The CSAC will be welcoming new participants into Healing HeARTS, a monthly program in partnership with NB Copes and the Fredericton Community Foundation, which helps youth work through grief and loss with expressive arts.

The CSAC is also holding Open Your Art, an Art Intensive Summer Camp that gives youth designers an opportunity to dive deeper into their own individual art process & projects happening during the weeks of July 12 to 16, and July 12 to 23.

During the week of July 26 to 30, the CSAC is hosting Girls+ Rock! Camp, a week-long camp for girls, trans and gender non-conforming people aged 11-18 to learn instruments, write songs and rock out on stage with a final showcase on July 30th.

On August 7th, CSAC will be welcoming Julien Dionne and Jen Grant for An Evening of Stand-Up Comedy.

As well, Back to Our Roots, New Horizons multi-disciplinary art & theatre programming for seniors, will be held during the week of August 16th to 20th with follow up activities for the public to come. 

Ongoing throughout the summer, the CSAC Selfie Station Installation by Fredericton Arts Alliance can be found, a part of Melanie Courcelle’s FAA residency.

And later on in the year, from October 1 to 3 the CSAC will host FEST FORWARD 2021, as well as the Music NB Showcases and Awards from October 19 to 23.

The CSAC has some galleries they are currently showing including Reflections and Recollections by Laura Forrester in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery, FR/AG/MENTED F/OOD by Katie Hamill in the Penny Gallery, both showing from May 13 to July 19, and the Connexion ARC Members’ Show showing from July 22 to September 6. 

To stay updated on these workshops and future events, check out the News section of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre website, and check out their social media pages here:




Artists can apply for their gallery at any time. To do so, visit here. 

Merci / Thank you

Sondage de Patrimoine canadien / Canadian Heritage Survey (PCH)

*Merci! Le sondage était un grand succès! Thank you! The survey was a big success!*


Bonjour !

Nous avons le grand plaisir de vous informer que le Sondage auprès des artistes et des créatrices/créateurs de contenu canadiens de Patrimoine canadien, qui était accessible du 10 mai au 2 juillet 2021, a permis de recueillir environ 5 000 réponses d’un océan à l’autre et de partout au pays. Un véritable succès !

Nous aimerions profiter de cette occasion afin de remercier sincèrement toutes les organisations qui ont participé à la diffusion du sondage auprès de leurs membres et/ou sur les réseaux sociaux. Vos efforts ont contribué à ce qu’un maximum d’artistes et de créateurs de contenu canadiens ait l’occasion de se voir représenter dans les résultats du sondage et de faire partie de ce portrait mis à jour de la communauté artistique et créative au Canada.

Les données recueillies serviront à ce que le ministère du Patrimoine canadien puisse s’assurer que ses politiques et ses programmes actuels et futurs continuent de bien répondre aux réalités du milieu de la création. Dans les prochains mois, nous examinerons comment nous pourrons rendre disponibles à vos fins de recherche des données épurées, agrégées et anonymes. Notre intention consiste à partager des résultats-clés qui soient palpables et d’intérêt à votre organisation, tout en assurant la protection des renseignements personnels des répondants. À cet effet, nous travaillerons avec nos experts en vue de cet objectif, de façon collaborative pour continuer à servir le secteur avec le plus d’efficacité, rapidité et réactivité possible.

Merci beaucoup de votre participation et implication,

L’équipe du sondage Survey Team

Affaires culturelles | Cultural Affairs 

Ministère du Patrimoine canadien | Department of Canadian Heritage 




We are very pleased to share with you that the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Canadian Artists and Content Creators Economic Survey , which was open from May 10 to July 2, 2021, has gathered a total of about 5,000 responses from coast to coast to coast. A true success!

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the organizations who helped disseminate the survey to their membership and / or on social media. Your efforts helped to ensure that a maximum number of Canadian artists and content creators had an opportunity to see themselves represented in the survey results and to be part of this updated portrait of the artistic and creative community in Canada.

The data gathered through this survey will serve the important function of informing future and existing Canadian Heritage work, ensuring the Department continues to be responsive to the creative sector’s reality. In the next months, we will explore how we can make clean, aggregated and anonymized data available for your research needs. Our intention is to share meaningful key findings and results that are of interest to your organization while safeguarding respondents’ privacy, and we will work with our experts towards achieving this goal, working in collaboration to continue serving the sector in an effective, timely, and responsive manner.

Many thanks again for your participation and engagement,

The survey team | Survey Team

Cultural affairs | Cultural Affairs

Department of Canadian Heritage | Department of Canadian Heritage


Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library by Derek Sullivan

Online Book Launch
Saturday, 24 July @ 4:00 PM (ADT)

Umbrella Projects, in partnership with Art Metropole, is thrilled to announce the launch of Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library by Derek Sullivan.

In this new artist book, Sullivan revisits Art Metropole’s 1984 Catalogue Evidence of the Avant Garde Since 1957, a seminal book and exhibition on distributed art practices (artworks that require wide circulation to fulfill their intent). Referencing a copy purchased from a library book sale, Sullivan produces hand-drawn facsimiles of the original pages with added interruptions of other distributed objects and artefacts, such as prisms of light, pollen, metro tickets, and pamphlets. In reproducing these moments, the drawings examine the poetics of circulating artworks and the content that they pick up along the way.

Book Launch
Saturday, 24 July — Online Book Launch @ 4:00 PM ADT
Join us for an online book launch featuring Derek Sullivan in conversation with Roula Partheniou and Dave Dyment.
Register to attend

Sunday, 25 July — In-Person Pop Up and Book Signing, 2:00 – 4:00 PM EDT
Art Metropole will be hosting an outdoor book sale and signing with Derek Sullivan outside of their offices at 163 Sterling Road, Toronto, Ontario.

Order your copy online

Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library
By Derek Sullivan

Derek Sullivan’s work responds to systems of distribution and how the meaning of objects change as they circulate in the world. His recent drawings look at the structure of books and their subjects, exploring the relationships between physical reproduction and the spread of information.

In this new publication of drawings, Sullivan reprints Evidence of the Avant Garde Since 1957, first published by Art Metropole in 1984, one of the first books (and exhibitions) to curate and catalogue distributed art practices – artworks that required wide circulation to fulfill their intent.

Based on Sullivan’s own copy of the original catalogue purchased from a library book sale, the original pages are interrupted by other kinds of distributed objects: prisms scatter rainbows, ragweed’s pollen gives the reader a runny nose, metro tickets spill out of pockets, invasive dandelions are dug out of a garden, recent art pamphlets pile up on the table. In reproducing these moments, Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library examines the poetics of circulating artworks and the content that they pick up along the way.

Derek Sullivan (b. 1976, Richmond Hill, Ontario) studied at York University (BFA 1999) and the University of Guelph (MFA 2002). His solo exhibitions include The Booklover at the Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina), Albatross Omnibus at The Power Plant (Toronto), The Missing Novella at Oakville Galleries (Oakville), Bulletin Board at Whitecolumns (New York) and More Young Americans at Kiosk (Ghent, Belgium). Sullivan has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, including BNL MTL 2012 (Montreal), Where do I end and you begin at City Art Centre (Edinburgh) and Blue times at Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna). His books, prints, and editions have been published by Paul & Wendy Projects (Toronto), Art Metropole (Toronto), Boabooks (Geneva), NSCAD Lithography Workshop (Halifax), Printed Matter Inc. (New York), and Bywater Bros. (Toronto). Sullivan has been nominated five times for the Sobey Art Award, including being shortlisted in 2012. He is an Associate Professor (Sculpture/Installation) at OCAD University, and lives and works in Toronto and Tamworth, Ontario.

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