Crowdfunding is an excellent way to raise funds for a project and harness support from your community. Here are some things to consider before you begin a campaign.

Keep in mind:

1. You need an established Social Media Presence to run a successful campaign.

2. Arts campaigns can be more difficult than other types of campaigns because they tend to be rooted in a specific region so the reach is not as wide.

3. There are several Platforms that can be used for different types of arts projects, but using a more popular site might have more benefit.

4.  Give yourself 2 months of Prep before the launch

Before you begin:

  • What is your Project?
  • What Platform will you use?
  • How Much You Need/ What is the cost of your Campaign?

Build your team: Don’t do it alone!

Have a Social Media Plan.

  • More shares/movement online means more reach.

Update your campaign regularly.

  • Supporter like to be in the loop.

What is the timeline: 60 days might be too long.

  • You don’t want to lose interest/support/buzz.

Make a pitch video.

  • Videos are easy to make and increase your campaign’s success 30-40%
  • SHORT/SIMPLE/FUNNY/CATCHY (no more than 5 mins)


  • Who are you?
  • Why do you need money?
  • Why now, your story?

Soft Launch:

  • Get friends to donate during your soft launch so you look desirable when you launch publicly
  • In the first 2-3 days you should hope to get 20-30% of your ask.

Consider if your ask is $5000, do you think you could get 500 people to give you $10?

**An average donation is between $20-25

Crowdfunding Platforms:


  • ‘All or nothing’. You only receive the money if you succeed at reaching your total goal.
  • This creates an urgency for donors, and safety to donors in that they won’t be charged if your project is unsuccessful.


  • ‘All or nothing’ and ‘Flexible’.


  • Arts-centric platform

Another Option:


  • created to enable fans to support and engage with artists directly
  • supporters can pledge monthly or project based


  • Do not run more than one campaign a year (or one every two years)
  • You risk exhausting your network and supporters.
  • Beware of Spam
  • Consider the time of year