General Definition of a Professional Artist in New Brunswick

Professional artist: An individual who practises an art and aspires to earn a living thereby, who offers his or her services as a creator or performer in one or more arts disciplines in return for remuneration, who has undertaken a course of accredited or equivalent training in the field of the art discipline and who is recognized by his or her peers. [Creative Futures: A Renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick, 2014-2019]

ArtsLink NB Elaboration for membership as a Professional Artist

You have specialized training, actively practise an art and offer services in exchange for remuneration in one or more of the following discipline: theatre, dance, music, visual art, literary art, and media arts. You have presented your art in a professional context.

You must meet at least TWO of the criteria for membership in the “Criteria A” section and at least TWO of the criteria in the “Criteria B” section.

Criteria Category A – Please ensure that you meet at least two of the following criteria:

A1. You work on your own behalf, declaring income as a self-employed artist, or you have received a professional fee as an artist through engagement by a recognized producer/broadcaster and have signed a contract for your artistic output.

A2. You have been accepted as professional by the Canada Council for the Arts or the arts council of a Canadian province or territory through peer evaluation.

A3. You have earned a degree, diploma or certificate in a specialized arts program from a recognized post-secondary institution (equivalent to at least two years of studies in your discipline of at least 500 hours).

A4. You have received tokens of professional recognition from the public or peers, notably honourable mentions, awards, bursaries, or critical attention in the media for works.

Criteria Category B – Please ensure that you meet at least two of the following criteria:

B1. You have presented public works through exhibition, performance, publication in books or periodicals, reading, broadcast of scripts by theatre, radio or TV, showings, or any other means corresponding to the nature of the work.

B2. You have been represented by an art dealer, publisher, or agent, appropriate to your respective discipline, for at least one year.

B3. You have signed a service contract with a producer or distributor.

B4. You devote a reasonable proportion of your professional activity to the creation, marketing and promotion of your works, attending auditions, soliciting patrons or agents, presenting your work to publishers, magazines, or theatres and other similar efforts appropriate to your respective discipline.

ArtsLink NB reviews all applications to ensure candidates have self-selected the appropriate member category.