ARCHIVE: We are really excited to start up an ArtsLink radio program, we’ve delved into all of the social media platforms, but what better way to keep folks up-to-date with our news and members than talking to them on-air! Our show will be every Tuesday at 1:30, on Local 107.3FM for the Summer months.  We are gathering a lineup of our members who will come on as guests for the show, speaking about themselves and their work; giving us insight to the world of an artist. We have ensured an eclectic mix of artists and organizations whose work reaches all ends of the artistic spectrum. Along with chatting up our special guests, we will be sharing New Brunswick events, deadlines, and local music. 

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.001; [2016.07.05]
Here is our launch episode of ArtsLink in the Afternoon, we are still testing the waters here, so enjoy a relaxed, simple episode speaking about who we are, what we do, and playing some cool local tunes.

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.002; [2016.07.12]

This episode features local Saint John fibre artist Deborah Payne. We chat with her about her colourful and fun work, and inspiring work spaces, as well as her involvement with the From Human Hands Fine Craft Gala.

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.003; [2016.07.19]

Saint John’s only nighttime art event Third Shift is coming up! In this segment with talk with Emily Saab Executive Director at Third Space gallery in Saint John who is putting on this great event. Hear all about the artist-run-centre and Third Shift!

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.004; [2016.07.26]

It’s time to binge the FRINGE! Sarah Rankin, director of the Fundy Fringe Festival, joins us for lots of laughs, fun, and fringe.  Get the Who, What, Where, When, & Why for Fundy Fringe – including some juicy insiders on what’s going on this year and what could happen if you choose to volunteer!

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.005; [2016.08.02]

August is the month for deadlines and events! For this segment of ArtsLink in the Afternoon, take a moment to calm down from all of the exciting guests on the show and catch up on all the dates you need to know this month. Worry not – there are also some hip, local tunes from SappyFest and beyond so it’s not just us chattering away.

ArtsLink in the Afternoon- ep.007; [2016.08.16]

The final instalment of ArtsLink’s summer interns wonderful radio program.