Rosanna Armstrong

‭ ‬Serenity rules supreme while immersed in creating.‭ ‬I am open to painting any‭ ‬subject matter but it first must have touched my soul .
Apohaqui, N.B.

Rosanna Armstrong
Born in NS, lived in California, Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky and Massachusetts before settling in NB. Rosanna currently teaches music and art at Rosartsky Studio and at Morris Music, Sussex. ‭
‬Discipline/Expertise‭; ‬oils‭ ‬/‭ ‬acrylics and stone carving‭
‬Stage‭ ‬:Emerging‭

‬Address:‭ ‬261‭ ‬Route‭ ‬880,‭ ‬Apohaqui,‭ ‬N.B.‭ ‬E5P3L5‭
‬Telephone:‭ ‬506-433-3698‭
‬Email:‭ ‬‭ ‬
Website:                     ‭
‬Background and Training:‭ ‬Studied under the late George E.‭ ‬Armstrong‭ (‬no relation‭)‬.‭ ‬Have participated in many‭ ‬workshops,‭ ‬various courses.‭ ‬I am currently under the tutelage of Fred Harrison.‭ ‬Participated in several Hospice by the Sea fundraisers in St.‭ ‬Andrews.‭ ‬Currently a member of SJAC,‭ ‬Sussex Art Club and Sussex AX.‭
‬Achievements:‭ ‬ first place ribbons including the 2010 ANE and 2011 ANE, 2016 ANE other first, second place ribbons and‭ ‬honourable mentions, chosen‭ participant in Timeraiser 2015 ,2017 Fredericton, United Way‬
Productions/Exhibitions/Publications:‭ ‬Artist of the Month,‭ ‬SJAC,‭ ‬covers‭ ‬of CD singles,‭ cover of Captain America comic book,‬ paintings residing in the US,‭ ‬Canada and Germany


1st place, Jaden`s Perspective

1st place mixed media 2017

quick grouping