Pierre-Luc Arseneau

I am a professional graphic artist located in Fredericton. I can turn your images into wood relief carvings with my pet robots.

I am a freelance designer/ maker and work from my house. I can produce low relief CAD (computer aided designs) patterns from an image and carve the results on my CNC machines. What sets my business apart from other manufacturing woodworkers is my artistic finish.

I worked full time from 2001-2011 as a designer and maker for Aitkens Pewter while painting and making music on the side . In 2011 I decided to become self employed and provide the same custom CAD pattern files as well as finished carved manufacturing service to the public. I called this business PLA3D and it took over all my spare time including painting and music making.

As a life long artist it is important for me to keep expressing myself as well as simply carving my CAD patterns.  My business plan is to slowly merge my artistic world with my design & carve business to offer wood carved art & products which provides a balance in my creative life. It also provides a unique service to other artists and makers who wish to turn their vision into a finished relief carving. Being able to provide both digital & physical designs as a freelance artist has been beneficial to making a living as a self employed graphic artist.


2017 Fredericton Beer Run medals

I was approached by the Fredericton Beer Run folks to produce 200 wood carved medals. I designed the CAD in my 3D software and carved each design 200 times in maple wood on my CNC machine. Each medal was then hand sanded and finished for the big day! Such an honor to be part of this annual event!

2017 Fredericton Beer Run medal production in the works.

2017 Big Axe beer festival

Not only did I help design and make their headquarter sign, but this year Big Axe brewery came back to me for some sponsor board carvings for their first annual beer festival. I also participated as a volunteer and setup my craft booth to sell some of my in house carvings as well.

PLA music

A long time ago I created a collection of sounds that now only live here and on a few limited burnt CDs around Fredericton, NB.  Although I enjoy creating sound quite a bit, i’ve neglected it over the years and plan on returning back to the world of decorating time. Instrument of choice was my MicroKorg Synth & computers.

Isaac's Way Restaurant art auctions - Big 5

For the past 2 years I’ve been a regular contributor to the Isaac’s Way Art Auctions. This venue allowed me to exercise the creative side of woodworking and grow my wood working assembling skills. I have a long way to go as a professional woodworker but enjoy using wood as an artistic medium for my graphic images. These art Auctions allow me to keep exploring and trying new things every few months and helps raise funds for kids in need so it’s a win win!

“Big 5” is my piece for their 30th auction which closes Sept 24th, 2017.

Over my short 5 year career as a freelance CAD designer & machine carver with unique finishings, I caught the attention of one of the industry’s leading CNC machine tool bit providers in New York who wanted me to produce creative content for their educational videos. Ever since I became a maker/carver of my own designs by acquiring my first CNC machine in 2015, I have showcased many projects on Tools Today’s YouTube channel. This is another great opportunity to showcase my creative path on a global scale and has helped reduce overheads on tool expenses for my business. Have a look HERE at all the videos i’ve done with them in the past couple years, it may inspire you to buy a CNC machine so you can carve your own artistic patterns as well?

3 Nations Education Group sign

The folks at 3 Nations Education Group Ltd asked me to produce this sign for their headquarters in Devon on the north side of Fredericton to show the public that they are in that little red brick building. If you’re in the Fredericton Devon area and drive by the Warf restaurant and Tim Horton make sure to look out for this one of a kind sign art still hanging proud today!

Isaac's Way corporate logo sign

The awesome folks at Isaac’s Way are so supportive of the arts. Not only do they let me put weird art on their walls but they have also commissioned this wood carving of their logo that hangs inside the restaurant. I am so pleased that they are a fan of my work, glad I was able to offer my talents for this long term decoration!


Alien detachment -work in progress

This has been my latest fun art project!

I’ve been developing oil pastel art on canvas in grey scale, keeping in mind that my whites and blacks will transfer as raised or recessed in my CAD program. I am then able to convert my grey scale artwork into instant 3D relief art on screen from a picture of my canvas.  This latest epiphany is leading me down the path of developing a series of hands on canvas art that will be turned into mass produced wood carving patterns.

With the first grey scale test I decided to keep the dimension small so I developed a bottle opener based on the first oil pastel artwork. The results came out great and I was able to use the same pastel to finish the stained wood pattern. I can now carve this pattern out as many times as i want or in different sizes.

I’m excited to manifest more of these therapeutic oil pastel pieces and then turn them into relief wood art carvings for sale.