Alicia Robichaud

Photographer, Painter, Maker, Mother, Wife .
Saint John

I am a fine art photographer who resides in Saint John. I love making unique and interesting portraits that tell a story, whether that be a retelling of a fairy tale or one of my own creation.

Even as a young girl I was always looking for different ways to explore this creative energy that I held inside me. I was fortunate enough to publish a book of poetry in 1997, while still in high school, and had my first gallery showing with my paintings in 1999 during my 1st year at university. Since then I have turned my focus more towards photography and over the last 20 years I found in it a medium to tell more expansive stories. Using my skills as a story teller, crafter, and maker I dove into fairy tale worlds and never looked back.

I have spent many years as a portrait and wedding photographer. I love meeting new people and participating in their happiest of events, and though this experience has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills, photographing for others never held the same spark as when I am creating my own stories and fine art.

As of 2019 I have officially left the world of photographing family and wedding photography to concentrate on solely creating art and pushing boundaries of what a small town photographer can do.



The images here are a sample of my watercolour paintings


Floral bouquet


Well read kitty

Sail away


Happy as a clam

Lost dock


Peggy’s Cove

A ship in harbour

Saint John harbour

Composite photography

The images in this series are a selection of composite photography works which use a layered approach.  A variety of photos are blended together using photoshop to create the final image.

Talking to the Ravens


Down the rabbit hole

Broken doll