A coalition with the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick? The answer is “NO”

Following the results of the provincial election, some political parties may be tempted to form a coalition with the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick to obtain a majority of seats, which would allow them to govern the province. As representatives of New Brunswick’s Acadian and Francophone municipalities and organizations and as individuals, we want to make clear our opposition to any form of coalition with this party.

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick clearly showed during the last election campaign that it opposes the linguistic rights which have been recognized for more than 50 years to the francophone community of New Brunswick. We must not be fooled by the “common sense” approach that this party now advocates; even when covered in this new language it remains anti-francophone and anti-equality. This party has only one goal: to take away our rights and replace them with accommodation when necessary, which would have the effect of undermining the development of our community.

As François Gravel wrote in a recent editorial in l’Acadie Nouvelle, the party’s intolerance is not limited to just denying to francophones the right to linguistic equality, but it has also shared on social media the anti-francophone writings of its members and even of some members of its leadership. Furthermore, the party has consistently refused to condemn these attacks on our community.

We would like to state loud and clear that any political party that would join or form a coalition with the People’s Alliance of NB would be going on a path that is totally unacceptable to New Brunswick’ Francophone and Acadian community. Such a coalition would be an insult to the francophones of this province who only ask that their linguistic rights be respected. Such a coalition would open the door to a denial of our rights recognized in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in the Official Languages Act and in the in the Act Recognizing the Equality of the Two Official Linguistic Communities of New Brunswick. These are constitutional and legislative measures which were unanimously adopted by the Legislative Assembly of our province. Such a coalition would also be an insult to the legacy and memory of Louis J. Robichaud and Richard Hatfield, the architects of linguistic equality in this province.

That is why we say with one unified voice: NO to any coalition with the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick!