The course runs August 16 – 19 at Sunbury Shores. The course is called Naive Botany: A Natural History Guide to Installation Practice:
In the nineteenth century, ‘botanizing’ became a craze. It was something you did on the seashore, in the meadows, or on the sidewalk. It was the act of observing, collecting, and identifying, in an attempt to understand the world in terms of its almost infinite myriad forms and faces. It was a way to become both lost and found. With botanizing as its framework, this course explores ways in which we might translate our daily observations and practices into another space and form such as a gallery installation. As starting points, this might include re-inhabiting the routine of a daily walk, identifying unconscious collection practices, or ways to rethink an already existing art or craft practice in terms of scale and experience. We will spend the course in discussion over examples and theories of installation, and take advantage of the natural setting of Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre to immerse ourselves in the creation of individual, barely begun, well-conceived, yet wildly imagined, installation proposals.
Participants do not need prior experience but would need to bring materials that would help record their observations such as: a camera, notebook, drawing supplies, materials for samples, or anything that would help communicate their observations and ideas to the rest of the class.
You can see more information here: sunburyshores.org/critically-acclaimed-artists-program