Position Posting

Position Title:

Resident designer for Motyer-Fancy Theatre

Position #:  1321

Department: Drama Studies Program

Classification:  MASA Level 9

Supervisor’s Title: Director of Drama Studies

Posting Date: June 5, 2018

Position Summary:

The Resident Designer is engaged in decision-making and problem-solving activities as set and costume designer for Drama Studies faculty- and staff-directed theatre productions. Duties include provision of supporting design paperwork, such as costume thumbnails and renderings, costume lists and charts, white and painted models, and set ground plans and elevations. The RD serves as Wardrobe Supervisor and as Painting Supervisor. The RD is also responsible for mentoring students enrolled in Drama 4011 projects where the RD’s knowledge base coincides with the student’s topic of study. The RD also guides students engaged in theatre production activities for 1701, 2161, 3161, 2669, 3669 and 4669 course credit. The RD is required to meet the physical challenges of the job, including lifting and carrying of lumber, flats, risers, etc.

*Please refer to section B for the required Qualifications, Education and Skills

Hours of Work: This is a full-time continuing 8 month sessional position.

Mount Allison Staff Association:  This position is in the bargaining unit represented by the Mount Allison Staff Association.

Who May Apply:  Any person may apply.  However, if qualifications, skills and abilities are equal, preference will be given first to members of the bargaining unit.

Date of Closure:  Applications should be received by the Human Resources department on or before July 10, 2018.  Please forward resumes to  hr@mta.ca

Position Responsibilities Position Description

  • Works within the constraints of show budgets, production timelines, and availability of student assistants as communicated by the Production Manager.
  • Works closely with each production director to develop set and costume designs suited to the style and thematic requirements of each production, as determined in consultation with each director.
  • Provides scaled set drawings and models which serve as visual aids for directors as well as construction guides for the Production Manager.
  • Provides thumbnails, renderings, costume lists and charts which serve as visual aids for directors and as construction aids for the Costume Shop.
  • Serves as Wardrobe Supervisor, managing costume builds for faculty- and staff-directed productions.
  • Serves as Paint Supervisor for sets designed for faculty- and staff-directed productions.
  • Is issued a University-supplied Purchase Card, in addition to petty cash provided by the Production Manager, for the purpose of making purchases in support of set and costume construction.
  • With the Production Manager, shares supervision of the student technician for the costume shop and paint area.
  • Is a member of the Drama Studies Advisory Group, meeting several times each semester.
  • Designs and builds properties on an occasional basis.
  • Is engaged in scene shop carpentry on an occasional basis.
  • This position does not have regular working hours and is expected to work nights and weekends. Divides working hours among desk duties, costume shop work, painting, student supervisory duties, scene shop work and property building.


  • A BFA in Theatre Design with 3-5 years of experience working in theatre or an MFA in Theatre Design, with a concentration in set and costume design.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Technical and aesthetic knowledge specific to set and costume design.
  • Ability to be self-directed in their work.
  • Ability to work closely with students and, in a spirit of collegiality, with the Director of Drama Studies and associated personnel.