Spaces are still available in the following exciting, creative workshops:

 Egg Tempera Painting: It’s easier than you might think to paint with egg yolks! During this two-day workshop, William Forrestall will give a short talk and slide show on the development of egg tempera paint and how it has affected painting in Atlantic Canada. You will learn various applications and be painting on heavy stock paper. Still-life painting may be done outdoors, weather permitting. Participants will critique and discuss individual paintings.

Instructor: William Forrestall

Dates: July 14 & 15

Location: New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Workshop & Materials Fee: $159

Website: http://edventures.ca/events/egg-tempera-painting

Registration closes: July 6

 Painting with Wool: After this 2-day class, you will leave with your own handmade “Felted Painting” as well as a plethora of creative knowledge to build upon! This workshop is designed to meet the creative needs of those with only the most basic understanding of felting, to those who consider themselves advanced, but with a thirst for knowledge. Through hands-on learning, you will be taught how to blend pre-dyed wools to mix your own colours, as well as discover an abundance of techniques (2D & 3D) used to create stunning textures using cloth, assortment fibres, yarns, and physical manipulation. Participants will also learn about the infinite possibilities of dyeing animal fibres with PRO WashFast Acid Dyes and will be given a tutorial on needle felting, with all of our exciting new felting techniques and design elements fresh in mind, we will dive into the creative process of painting with felt! Participants will have a variety of materials at their disposal, creativity and innovation are encouraged! Most loosely woven cloths and animal/plant based fibres can be used when felting, from a lace tablecloth to your dog’s fur, please feel free to let your imagination run wild and bring along any materials you might like to add to your pièce de résistance!

Instructor: Alexandra Keely Dates: July 21 & 22

Location: New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Workshop & Materials Fee: $219

Website: http://edventures.ca/events/painting-with-wool

Registration closes: July 13

 Metal Worked Bracelets: During this 5-day workshop participants will create three types of silver bracelets. The first bracelet will be a king’s chain, crafted by assembling jump rings made of wire and finished with a simple clasp. The second will be a cuff bracelet, where participants will learn how to forge metal and soldering. The third will be a link bracelet, composed of handmade links and a toggle clasp. Throughout this workshop, participants will be instructed on basic wire cutting, sanding, polishing and soldering techniques to create these personal pieces.

Instructor: Robin Turner

Dates: July 16 – 20

Location: New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Website: http://edventures.ca/events/metal-worked-bracelets

Registration closes: July 6

 Silver Sway Earrings: Participants will create a pair of sterling silver earrings that dangle and sway. This solder-free project will make use of minimal tools and equipment, and therefore, can easily be replicated at home. Your instructor, Audrée Hamelin-St-Amour, will show you traditional jewellery fabrication techniques, which include: piercing, sawing, chasing, doming, filing and sanding.

Instructor: Audrée Hamelin-St-Amour

Date: July 15

Location: New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Workshop & Materials Fee: $109

Website: http://edventures.ca/events/silver-sway-earrings

Registration closes: July 6

For more information, or to register, visit http://www.edventures.ca.