ArtsLink NB is seeking a researcher or research team to describe, inventory, analyze, compare, and recommend on arts education in the Anglophone K-12 system in New Brunswick. The researcher or research team will work with ArtsLink staff and board and with a steering committee of artists, educators, and administrators to produce a report for presentation to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development in early 2019.


The Arts Education Review Project addresses workforce development recommendations identified by David Campbell in Sustaining New Brunswick’s Arts and Culture Workforce, previously commissioned by ArtsLink NB, along with a directive in the provincial cultural policy Creative Futures, and numerous objectives identified in Education and Early Childhood Development’s 10-Year education plan Everyone at their Best.

ArtsLink NB is a member-based organization representing New Brunswick’s Anglophone arts and culture sector. Its base of over 260 active members includes professional artists and arts organizations. The mission of ArtsLink NB is to advance the arts in New Brunswick by linking and unifying artists and arts organizations and promoting their value to the community.


The required research will describe and analyze, through surveys and interviews, the current level of delivery of Anglophone Arts Education, with a particular emphasis on numbers and deployments of specialists, reliance on extra-curricular groups and programs, and time-devoted-to-task.

It will review curriculum documents and conduct interviews to determine, among other things: recency, alignments of learning outcomes, deliverability, and the role of curricular supplements.

It will identify major challenges particular to some locales as well as those found throughout the province.

Research will include a summary of public impressions, attitudes, and aspirations regarding arts education in New Brunswick, based on surveys and meetings already conducted by ArtsLink NB and supplemented by further surveys. It will lead to recommendations on strategies for documenting & communicating the value/outcomes of arts education.

The researcher or research team will review and summarize current literature on arts education, including studies based in neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. Best practices and cutting-edge experiments elsewhere [especially New Brunswick’s Francophone School Districts, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Maine, and Ontario] will be studied and summarized, with recommendations on closing the gaps between ideal and reality in New Brunswick, addressing challenges and honouring aspirations.


Inventory/Census of Current State [May-June 2018]

Analysis of Inventory/Census [June-July 2018]

Summary and analysis of major challenges [and disparities] [July 2018]

Analysis of curricular alignment with outcomes of Everyone at Their Best

[July-August 2018]

Summary of academic literature/studies [July-August 2018]

Summary of best practices in other jurisdictions [July-August 2018]

Contribution to Steering Committee’s development of a

Reasonable-Expectations Statement [What Arts Education could do in

NB: providing several levels of model][September 2018]

Maps denoting concentrations of specialists, offerings, facilities [Sept 2018]

Key Recommendations as Drafts delivered to Steering Committee [Early October 2018]

Attendance at, and participation in, Town Hall sessions of Arts Education, round two [October 2018]

Final Recommendations delivered to Steering Committee [November 2018]

Identification of possible Pilot Projects [November 2018]

Assembly of Final Report [November 2018]


Experience with qualitative and quantitative research in public sector outcomes-based institutions.

Track record of delivering large scale research projects on budget and within proposed schedule.

Background in education desirable; background in public sector research essential.


Proposals Due April 30th, 2018 NEW DATE: May 7th

Adjudication and Hiring of researcher May 11th, 2018

Desired Commencement date ASAP

Core Research May 2018 – September, 2018

Initial Findings presented to Arts Education Project Steering Committee July 2018

Draft Report presented to Arts Education Project Steering Committee early September 2018


Proponents must submit a proposed budget, demonstrating how they would deliver the above within ArtsLink NB’s budget of $22 500 (including tax). Budget should include graphic design (which may be subcontracted), or submit a proposal without graphic design for $20 000.00 (including tax). Consultant fees, travel (include travel to “Town Hall” presentations – one in each school district) are the responsibility of the consultant.

ArtsLink NB will cover final report printing costs.

Budget should include proposed billing schedule between May 2018 through December 2018.


  • How you will do the work (250 – 500 words)
  • Proposed timeline (working with deliverables schedule above)
  • Who will do the work and their qualifications; please include professional CVs for all team members (if applicable) involved with the work.
  • A list of Recent Projects
  • Examples of previous report work
  • Client testimonials/references
  • Contact information


By Mail:

ArtsLink NB Suite 407

89 Canterbury St.

Saint John NB

E2L 2C7

By Email:

Subject Heading: Arts Education Research Proposal

All Proposals Due April 30th, 2018 NEW DATE: May 7th

Adjudication and Hiring of researcher May, 2018

Desired Commencement date ASAP*

*Some flexibility, but is is essential to begin work in May as connecting with teachers and administration is difficult over the summer.

This project has been generously funded by the Government of New Brunswick.