(fees). This workshop-based program embraces multiple genres, providing structured support for new creative writers wanting to improve their writing skills.

Four faculties work closely with eight participants in one of the following genres: first chapter novel, creative nonfiction, poetry, and short fiction. Participants read the submissions of fellow group members, then give and receive feedback during three-hour morning workshops. Afternoons are devoted to writing time, and to meeting one-on-one with faculty. Any new writer interested in structured feedback from faculty and fellow participants will benefit from this program.

The program is open to writers with no publications, a few publications, or even a first book, in the genres of poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, and first chapter novel.

The program fee, which includes a meal plan, gym membership, a single room, and more, is $1 360.75.

Financial assistance of up to 100% is available for this program.

All applications are due August 1st