Do you have a passion for creation but find yourself in need of basic business skills? Are you entering the creative workforce and unsure where to begin?

You love being an artist and we don’t want to change that. Turn your passion into a viable business with the ARTrepreneur-in-Residence program, an initiative designed to help creative workers turn their craft into a lucrative business by gaining access to key entrepreneurial resources. From weavers to writers, the ARTrepreneur-in-Residence program accepts creators from all disciplines looking to start and grow their business in Fredericton.

Located in Planet Hatch, Fredericton’s core entrepreneurial hub, the ARTrepreneur-in-Residence will be given the necessary tools to begin building their business and professional network by being connected to business resources such as mentorship, office and meeting space, access to events and entrepreneurial programming, ability to publicly display and promote their product or service, and so much more! 
Participation fee: $0 | Application cost: $0 | Program: Priceless