The Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery in collaboration with the Carleton North High School, the Town of Florenceville- Bristol and the NB Department of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, is pleased to announce a new public art commission by New Brunswick artist Deanna Musgrave to be installed at the Carleton North High School Library in August 2018. The finished art work, Portal (working title) will be two, 7-foot, circular acrylic paintings painted on aluminum. The two paintings will be placed back-to back within a large existing frame in front of plate glass windows in the library. The finished art work will be visible from the exterior as well as the interior.

The circular form of the paintings will activate the linear, architectural space of the library and act as a metaphor for the development of knowledge, highlighting that students learn not only in a linear fashion. The imagery for this commission will be a large sky-like cloud or nebula that simultaneously references the evolution of thought, consciousness and the storage of knowledge. Using multiple visual refences from art history including Romantic landscape and Dutch still life as well as abstract expressionism, graffiti and music.
The paintings will also be full of birds and fish to highlight the importance of the natural environment to the community In addition to creating the artwork, Musgrave will participate in an artist residency at the High school to engage with the community in developing her work. The community will be invited to donate a diversity of smaller objects that Musgrave will allow to sit in a mixture of water and pigment, leaving ghost-like imprints that will create the underpainting of the work. After the finished work is installed in August, she will return to the school to present her finished piece.

Deanna Musgrave’s studio practice is based in Saint John, New Brunswick. She paints large scale murals in public spaces that engage and connect the communities where they are installed. In 2017 she completed Nest which covers the entryway and ceiling of the pedway between Market Square and Saint John City Hall. In 2015 she painted a 56-foot long painting for the Hans Klohn Commons at the University of New Brunswick titled Cloud. Her art is represented by Buckland and Merrifield Gallery in Saint John and Ingrid Mueller Art and Concepts, Fredericton.