It’s the annual national conference for CCWWP (Canadian Creative Writers & Writing Programs), and it takes place at UNB this year, June 9-11.  There are writers coming from across the country, and we have a huge lineup of events—I’ve attached the latest version of the program.
You will need to pay to become a member and pay a registration fee on top of that—the minimum total cost would be $135.  BUT it’s all free for anyone who’s willing to volunteer.  We’re short on volunteers, so even a morning, afternoon or evening would be useful.   
There are the three evening keynote events:  free on Friday June 9th (El Jones & Herménégilde Chiasson), $10 on Saturday June 10th(Tracey Lindberg), $10 on Sunday June 11th (Jan Zwicky).
Information about the conference is available here:  And anyone with questions can contact Sue Sinclair at