Thandiwe McCarthy

- Fredericton

African Canadian Poet, that loves to collect skills and share stories. Currently 4th year UNB Recreation student .

Stephanie Wells

- Moncton, NB

Emerging Resin Artist

Anne Stillwell-LeBlanc

- Keswick Ridge New Brunswick

Absolute lover of nature; inspired by movement; deeply rooted in art.

Ann Quigley

I have a deep desire to communicate through artistic expression.

Hideo Luc Goyer

- McKees Mills, New Brunswick

Enthusiastic Optimist Without Concern for the Constraints of Reality

Jim Middleton

- Douglas New Brunswick

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who is fueled by the creation and results of my work.

Emilie Bottaro

- Fredericton, NB.

Emerging mixed media landscape artist

Molly Macnaughton

- Saint John, New Brunswick

Showcases realistic human form in dreamlike, primitive backdrops through paintings, drawings and print.