Anne Stillwell-LeBlanc

- Keswick Ridge New Brunswick

Absolute lover of nature; inspired by movement; deeply rooted in art.

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Joel Belliveau

Jewellery designer, work mostly in sterling silver creating articulated jewellery. By hand building as well as 3D printing.

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ann fillmore

Student at NBCCD . Retired from public service . Inspired by nature. Enjoy cutting and polishing stones used in jewelry.

Serge V. Richard

Professional - Kedgwick

My work seeks to highlight the paradox between a desire to be free while ignoring one’s responsibility towards the environment and humanity.

Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery

Organization - Florenceville-Bristol

Alanna Baird

Professional - St. Andrews

Craig Smith Dow

Professional - Rockland

Metaphysical Aesthete, Painter, Photographer, Maker of Anything

Handworks Gallery

Organization - Saint John